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The Lex 9000 satellite.

The Lex 9000 is a satellite that features in DC Comics.



The Lex 9000 was a satellite weapon created by LexCorp in the modern age at the behest of Lex Luthor. Its purpose was to serve as a powerful orbital defense system for use against extraterrestrial threats and to outshine Superman. The first use of the weapon came when a meteor was heading to Earth but failed to destroy its target. This meteor, however, was not natural but instead an artificial shell being used by the robotic being known as Brainiac. The mechanical villain sought to drain data from a command center where he was in the process of doing so when he was interrupted by Superman. Initially, Brainiac struggled in defeating his Kryptonian foe but revealed that his data access allowed him to learn and gain access to the Lex 9000. Thus, through it, he began targeting Superman to defeat the superhero but his android body was destroyed in the battle. Though defeated, a portion of Brainiac survived in a central processing chip which was discovered by Lex Luthor who took it into his care after he saw him the lethal combination of the alien artificial intelligence and the satellite in combating the Kryptonian. Luthor managed to bring Brainiac back online in order to bargain with him where he asked the alien intelligence for his aid in defeating Superman. Brainiac agreed to do so and even give Luthor credit for the task but required a new body to do so as his former one had been destroyed entirely. Thus, the pair agreed to send the central processing chip into the orbiting Lex 9000 satellite. Accompanying the Brainiac chip into orbit was a sliver of Kryptonite along with a strand of Superman's DNA. Upon reaching the Lex 9000, Brainiac incorporated his programming into it where he fashioned a new titanic body for himself that was equipped with new capabilities designed to target and destroy Superman.

On arriving on Earth, the new Brainiac sought out Superman in Metropolis and discovered him at a restaurant where he was having a dinner at Le Chateau Laboe with Lois Lane as Clark Kent. During the battle, Kent was forced to become Superman where Brainiac attempted to use a Kryptonite ray on him but this instead struck Lois Lane thus lethally poisoning her. Brainiac was temporarily defeated by Superman who rushed Lane to safety and sought to save her from the Kryptonite poisoning that had not infected her body.


Originally, the Lex 9000 was an automated orbiting satellite based above Earth where it contained a number of systems and weapons that were linked to lexCorp. This link consisted access to the LX-7 Supercomputer from one of the installations on Earth that were owned by LexCorp. This computer system determined target threat analysis that allowed the users to direct the satellite's functions. Despite being a supercomputer, it was quite fallible and able to make mistakes.

After being appropriated by Brainiac, it became a shell for his intelligence and turned into a titanic bipedal body for him with him commenting that it provided him an equal brawn that matched his brain. His capabilities were thus further enhanced by the weapon system of the satellite. However, Luthor also provided Brainiac with a sliver of Kryptonite and genetic material of Superman. Thus, these turned the Lex 9000 based body into a weapon designed to target Kal-El alone and defeat him. With the DNA of Superman, the satellite's sensors were able to track him around the world even when he was in his civilian identity. Upon encountering him, the Kryptonite was used to power a Kryptonite ray that could seriously harm a Kryptonian and even lethally poison a human after exposure to its effects. In addition, even if badly damaged the Brainiac processor was able to initiate repairs thus restoring the use of the Lex 9000 body.


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