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The Linear Men are a group that feature in DC Comics.



The Linear Men were a kind of time police who oversaw the sanctity of the time stream. (Superman v2 #73)

Waverider came to be considered a great threat to the timeline as his nature meant he was difficult to track or study. Thus, the Linear Men made efforts to find and apprehend him. (Superman v2 #73)

In an effort to find Doomsday's origins, Superman sought out the Linear Men but they refused to tell him any information as they feared a disruption in the timeline. (Superman/Doomsday: Hunter/Prey v1 #1)

Hunter and the Linear Men came to learn of a change in the timeline. This was traced to Doctor Sivana who had altered history with the Batson’s parents surviving with them inheriting the power of Captain Marvel. (The Power of Shazam! v1 #26)

Ryak the Rogue later travelled to present day Ivy Town where he was hunting for Alpheus Hyatt who had swallowed the Time Pool micro-singularity that was creating havoc in the timestream. He had warned the Atom Ryan Choi to stay away from Hyatt who needed to be eliminated for the damage he was doing to the timeline. However, Choi helped the man and came to learn that he was suffering from senile dementia due to the Time Pool and helped save the man from altering the timestream thus stopping Ryak from having to eliminate him. (The All-New Atom v1 #8)


In appearance, the Linear Men were an organization dedicated to the linear sanctity of the time stream. They ensured that history went through a sequential series of events that needed to fall perfectly in place that led to the end. To disturb this order was said to invite unimaginable destruction with achieving the end being their primary concern. Those that attempted to alter the timeline for whatever reason were seen as criminals in the eyes of the Linear Men. (Superman v2 #61) As such, they were responsible for keeping chaos from damaging the timeline and prevent anomalies which could bring about destruction to civilizations. (The All-New Atom v1 #7) Their mission was thus to study and maintain the timeline. (Showcase '94 v1 #8) As an organization, it was noted that they prized their secrecy and did not want knowledge of their existence widely known. (Superman v2 #73)

A device available to Linear Men were handheld machines called Linear Devices which allowed the user to stop all time in a set moment and restart it at their desire. (Legacy of Superman v1 #1) These wrist-devices allowed them to travel through time and take other objects with them into the time stream. (Superman v2 #61) These time bands did not allow the wearer to travel to precise moments but rather a general location of a disturbance. However, they did allow the wearer to disguise themselves to better hide their nature from natives of that point in time. They made use of timescopes in order to maintain a watch over the timestream. (Showcase '94 v1 #8)

The Linear Men operated from their headquarters which was Vanishing Point. (Superman v2 #61) One section within the Vanishing Point was the Library of Time that was a chamber giving the users visual access to every moment in history. The area served as a living computer with it accessing the timestream for the relevant point of interest. Linear Men that completed their initial stage of training were allowed access to this chamber. (Legacy of Superman v1 #1) Despite their record of past events, they did not have the ability to see into alternate timelines. (Superman v2 #61) A Linear Man could shunt themselves and others into a time-void which was an area of space that was independent of any other moment that appeared as a void endless void. (The All-New Atom v1 #8)


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  • Ryak the Rogue a green-skinned being who was a member of the Linear Men that was hunting down Alpheus Hyatt. (The All-New Atom v1 #7)


  • The Linear Men were created by Dan Jurgens where they made their first appearance in the Adventures of Superman v1 #476 (March, 1991).


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