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The Lords of Chaos are a group of beings that feature in DC Comics.



At some point, a Lord of Chaos was responsible for wresting the Amulet of Anubis from the Lords of Order with Nabu later reclaiming it. On Earth, the Lords of Chaos adopted the guise of gods and demons among humanity. (The Flash v1 #306) Among these was Malferrazae who centuries ago took on a godly disguise and was worshipped by the Aztecs as their god of war Totec. He ruled from his city of Tenochtitlan where at one point he was challenged by a rival Lord of Chaos who the Aztec's believed was Totec's sister Coyolxauhqui with his legions battling 'hers' in the lands once known as Coatlepec. 'Totec's' rule came to an end when the Conquistadors came to his domain and brought Christianity. In time, his worshippers had fallen with his mystic strength falling and leading to Malferrazae's essence retreating into a stone statue that served as his vessel. However, he was trapped within and required power in order to be free again. As such, for the next 400 years, his mind reached out from the statue to drive unsuspecting mortals to ritual acts of human sacrifice that would free him from his stone vessel into a form of flesh. (The Flash v1 #307)

Disciples of Totec later freed Malferrazae from his prison where he sought to bring about the end of the Fifth Age as Aztec prophecy spoke of the end of the world. The Lord of Chaos planned to create new beings of his own creation in the aftermath and make himself the sole god. (The Flash v1 #307)

In Gotham City, Lord Typhon secretly operated through a disciple of chaos named Dr. Benjamin Stoner who operated as a doctor in Arkham Asylum. (Doctor Fate v1 #1)


Similar to the Lords of Order, the Lords of Chaos were could not be killed as they were beings without end. (The Flash v1 #306)

Lords of Chaos had often taken guises of gods or demons as their mortal followers could not gaze at them in their true form and keep their sanity. They could draw upon the mystic strength created by having worshippers. (The Flash v1 #307)

Offspring's of chaos had it in their very nature to spread lunacy with such creatures walking among men to devour minds, hearts and souls. (Doctor Fate v1 #1)

Their kind was side to thrive on desperation as it led to people going on paths to foolishness, illogic and madness. (Doctor Fate v1 #1)



  • Typhon : a powerful lord of chaos who was an enemy of Doctor Fate. (Doctor Fate v1 #1)
  • M’Shulla :
  • Malferrazae : a Lord of Chaos who had taken on the identity of Totec the Aztec god of war but after the annihilation of his followers he was trapped within a stone statue for 400 years until released where he battled Doctor Fate. (The Flash v1 #308)
  • Vandaemeon : a Lord of Chaos that battled Doctor Fate. (The Flash v1 #312)
  • Pythia : a Lord of Chaos that took a female form. (Doom Patrol v2 #13)


  • Holly Granger :

In other media

Lord Typhon standing on the right alongside Lord Nabu in Batman: The Brave and the Bold.


  • In Superman: The Animated Series, the Lords of Chaos was briefly mentioned in the DC Animated Universe episode "The Hand of Fate" when the recently freed demon Karkull calls out to them.
  • In Batman: The Brave and the Bold animated series, the Lords of Chaos made an appearance in the animated television series with them being led by Typhon where they appeared alongside their order counterparts to reveal the history relating to Equinox. Typhon along with his fellow Lords of Chaos were defeated by Equinox who absorbed their power along with the Lords of Order.
  • In Young Justice, the Lords of Chaos were referenced in the animated television series with Klarion the Witch-Boy being one of them. Similar to the Lords of Order, they were not able to manifest on Earth directly and had to have something that anchored them to the mortal plane such as an object or familiar.

Video Games

  • In DC Universe Online, the Lords of Chaos were shown to be supporting the villains of the Secret Society of Supervillains. Phantom Stranger summoned a number of heroes to Gotham City to find a number of hell portals manifesting within the city and stopping the demons emerging from them. On the villain side, Tala served as their representative at the Hall of Doom.


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  • DC Universe Presents v1 #0

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