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Gemworld is a planet that features in DC Comics.




Gemworld was a planet located in another dimension that was originally controlled by the Lords of Chaos. However, thousands of years ago, magic began to drop on the planet Earth due to an alignment of the stars that was caused by one of them going nova. As a result, the Homo Magi sorceress Citrina went to Gemworld where she struck a deal with the Lords of Chaos. This was with the intention of creating a realm for Homo Magi and Faerie that wanted to emigrate from Earth. The deal was made and the nature of the arrangement was kept secret from the inhabitants of Gemworld. In time, it was ruled by 12 Royal Houses of Gemworld with the most prominent being the House of Amethysts who were the most powerful magic users in their realm. They became the natural rulers of Gemworld until Dark Apol arose and slew Amethyst's parents. As a result, Gemworld fell under Dark Opal's rule for the next twenty years until an alliance was formed with the other 11 Houses by Amethyst who succeeded in overthrowing their rule.

Sometime afterwards, a war was fought between the Lords of Order and Chaos. This saw the Lords of Chaos deciding to end their agreement that created Gemworld and sought to reclaim it where they dispatched one of their number known as the Child to accomplish this act. The Child battled Amethyst who was only able to stop him by merging with him whereupon the two merged with Gemworld itself which trapped them both. During the Infinite Crisis, Amethyst battled the Spectre on Gemworld where she was able to repel his assault on the planet.


Following the Flashpoint, a new version of reality was created with a different history of events.


The surface of Gemworld was initially shown to consist of continents that floated in the sky whilst the sun orbited around the planet. Initially, this reflected the ancient beliefs of the world being flat but was later changed into being a genuine world that contained a variety of terrains that were settled by cultures from across the Earth. It was one of the many magical dimensions that were connected to Sorcerer's World. Time within Gemworld moved as a far different rate compared to Earth. A Gemworlder raised on Earth thus changed into an older form if they were brought back after several years only to change once more back to normal when they returned to Earth. Similarly, a Human raised on Gemworld reverse their age when they came to Earth.

In terms of technology, Gemworld's inhabitants seemingly employed medieval levels of equipment. Its society was divided into Twelve Royal Houses that were each represented by a type of birthstone. Each of these Houses took turns in the rulership of Gemworld. As its inhabitants were Homo Magi, they utilized magic though most used it at a very pedestrian level such as fisherman using spells to aid in catching fish. Apart from Homo Magi, Gemworld's other inhabitants were the Faerie races. Each of the realms contained veins of the appropriate birthsthone and its fragments were mined to create the jewelry for the Royal House. These jewels were able to increase the magical abilities of their users enormously.

The Twelve Royal Houses included:

  • Amethyst : The House of Amethyst is the most powerful house and, until Amy's return to Gemworld, it remained without a leader. As Amy returned, it set matters into motion that would change Gemworld forever.
  • Topaz : Initially, Prince Topaz was Amethyst's love interest and staunch supporter. As time progressed and the series took a drastic change, Amy abandoned all hopes for a relationship with Topaz and allowed him to find comfort in the arms of Turquoise.
  • Emerald : The House of Emerald is ruled by Lady Emerald who is a master of Nature magic. Lady Emerald later became the entity known as Fire Jade.
  • Moonstone : The House of Moonstone is allied with the House of Amethyst. Its ruler, Lord Moonstone, is quick tempered.
  • Sapphire : The House of Sapphire was allied with the House of Opal, due to the carnal desires of Lady Sapphire.
  • Diamond : Home of the Diamond Priests.
  • Ruby : The Ruby Kingdom lies to the north of Ruby Lake. Its northern end has long been claimed by the Sardonyx Empire, which habitually launches incursions across their disputed border.
  • Opal : The House of Opal is ruled by the dictator Dark Opal. Dark Opal's son Carnelian was born on Earth and has no mystical aptitude.
  • Garnet : The Stormy Peaks was a loyal ally to the House of Amethyst. Lord Garnet also has a son who went missing when he attempted to rescue Queen Emerald inside the Pandora's Box.
  • Sardonyx : The House of Sardonyx is allied with the House of Opal. Lord Sardonyx the Lord of Serpents later transfers his loyalty to Fire Jade.
  • Turquoise : The House of Turquoise is allied with the House of Amethyst. Its ruler is a wild warrior woman named Lady Turquoise.
  • Aquamarine : The House of Aquamarine is ruled by Lord Aquamarine, who is a master of Water magic.

An intricate system of gem energies was used to power the world. Each of the houses maintained a Prime Gem that operated on gem-based science with these residing in the deepest chamber of their respective castles. (Young Justice v3 #6)


  • Dark Opal :
  • Amethyst :


  • Gemworld was created by Dan Mishkin, Gary Cohn and Ernie Colón where it made its first appearance in Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld v1 #1 (May, 1983).

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