Lorth Needa

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Captain Needa aboard the Avenger.

Captain Lorth Needa was the captain of the Imperial Star Destroyer Avenger. Following the Battle of Hoth, Needa pursued the Millennium Falcon after it left Hoth, but lost it in an asteroid field. Later it resurfaced (narrowly escaping from a space slug), but Needa lost it a second time when the Falcon vanished from the Avenger's scopes.

Little did Needa know the Rebel ship was clinging to the Avenger's hull. When Darth Vader demanded an update of the pursuit, Needa had to go and report his failure to the Sith Lord. He paid the ultimate price, as Vader choked him to death using the Force.

Expanded Universe

A veteran of the Clone Wars, Lt. Commander Needa had commanded the Republic starship Integrity during the Battle of Coruscant. His efforts to persuade General Grievous to surrender came to naught as Grievous threatened to execute Supreme Chancellor Palpatine unless the Republic forces backed down.

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