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Lycans are a species from the movie Underworld.



Lycans were a species of shapeshifting creatures that transformed from man into werewolves. They were descended from William Corvinus who was the first of their kind who was an immortal that was afflicted with the Corvinus Strain. After being bitten by a wolf, his body went through mutagenic change in his blood due to the nature of his DNA. William would transform into a large white furred Lycan and was incapable of changing into his Human form. His bite was extremely infectious which transformed normal Humans into new Lycans and thus the species were born.

These early Lycans were incapable of transforming into Human form like their progenitor. They would be hunted down by the Vampires and eventually enslaved to become their guardians during the day. By this time, the Lycans had mastered the ability to transform back into their Human form and lived the lives of slave. This would change when Lucian revolted against his Vampire master after his wife, a Vampire, was killed due to the fact that she was pregnant with a Lycan-Vampire hybrid child. He would begin a war between the Lycans and the Vampires that would last for hundreds of years; a secret war that the Human world would not know about.

In the six months that followed, the existence of the two species of immortals became public to the world. This led to government controlled military groups being formed such as the Infected Persons Unit that sought to exterminate the species. This led to the Purges with the dull scale assault seemingly nearly exterminating both Vampires and Lycans. The remaining Vampires were forced to scatter with them forming small Covens to remain hidden from Human eyes. After 12 years, it was reported that 95% of the species had been killed and the Lycans were thought to had been extinct. However, in reality, the Lycans had gone into hiding and were secretly running the corporation Antigen.

In the aftermath, a Lycan named Marius united a large horde of his kind that sought to eliminate the Vampires in their Eastern Coven stronghold. He had acquired the blood of the dead Michael Corvin which he used go trigger powerful changes in his own body to assert his dominance. However, the supply was running out and he sought out Corvin daughter Eve. To achieve that end, he had his Lycans pursue the child's mother Selene in the hope of finding the girls location.


In appearance, Lycans were shapeshifters that switched between their human forms and the other being that of a werewolf. As humans, they were indistinguishable from humans though they could manifest feral yellow eyes. They had greater than human strength and endurance with them able to survive wounds that could kill a human. Lycans could also trigger a transformation into their werewolf self where they were fur covered and larger than humans with vicious teeth along with clawed limbs. In this form, they could use their natural claws as weapons or their sharp teeth to inflict grevious wounds on their enemies. Their claws could also be used to help climb surfaces such as walls or even the ceiling.

Despite the change, it was claimed that they were more vulnerable in this state as they could not make use of weapons in this form.


  • William Corvinus :
  • Lucian :
  • Raze :
  • Marius : male Lycan who freed the frozen Michael Corvin from Antigen where he killed him and drained him of his Hybrid blood which he used to trigger a secondary more powerful transformation. He led a Lycan horde that threatened to destroy the Eastern Coven and sought Michaels daughter Eve to get her blood but he was killed by Selene who ripped out his spine.


  • Underworld:
  • Underworld 2:
  • Underworld: Rise of the Lycans:
  • Underworld 3:

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