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Vampires are a species that feature in Underworld.



Vampires were a species of blood-drinking immortals that were created by those that passed on their infectious bite to ordinary humans. They were descended from Marcus Corvinus who was the first of their kind who developed the Corvinus Strain after surviving a great plague. After being bitten by a bat, his body went through a mutagenic change in his blood due to the nature of his DNA. As a result, he became an immortal who possessed incredible reflexes, speed and strength that could pass these traits to others with a bite but suffered from a vulnerability to UV light and sustained themselves by drinking blood. His brother William Corvinus was transformed into the first Lycan but his change turned him violent beast that attacked all before him turning them into similar such creatures. Marcus became determined to stop his brother but was unable to do so alone. Thus, he approached the elderly dying warlord named Viktor where he offered him and his army immortality in exchange for their aid. Thus, the Vampires took form with the army becoming a feared fighting force known as the Death Dealers. Viktor, Amelia and Marcus became the leaders of the Vampire Coven and their race.

In 1202 A.D., the werewolf William Corvinus ravaged an isolated village with its human inhabitants being in the midst of turning into Lycans when the Vampire army arrived in pursuit of him. As a result, they were ambushed by the newly transformed Lycans but despite casualties they managed to track down William but the Vampire Elder Amelia managed to chain him. Viktor was prepared to slay the werewolf but Marcus begged for his life and claimed that he would kill himself if his brother was slain with the act killing all the Vampires of his bloodline. Unknown to Viktor, this was a lie designed to spare William's life but the head of the Death Dealers decided to imprison the Lycan at a hidden location thus ensuring Marcus's loyalty. He would be sealed within a coffin and his tomb built under Viktors care who hid the keys to the chamber with one being in his own ribcage.

In the years that followed, the Vampires established their Coven and rule where they waged numerous attacks against the remaining first generation Lycans. Numerous human settlements swore fealty to Viktor in exchange for his protection against the feral Lycans. In exchange, they provided tribute in the form of silver that was delivered to the Vampire stronghold. Such was the case for centuries with Vampire society changing one day when a captive Lycan gave birth to a child that could voluntarily shift between their human form and werewolf one. Initially, Viktor thought to kill the child but instead took him as a slave and branded him with his mark. The Lycan was named Lucian and envisioned as the leader of a race of Lycan slaves to the Vampires with these being able to take human form unlike the wild feral ones.

In the six months that followed, the existence of the two species of immortals became public to the world. This led to government controlled military groups being formed such as the Infected Persons Unit that sought to exterminate the species. This led to the Purges with the dull scale assault seemingly nearly exterminating both Vampires and Lycans. The remaining Vampires were forced to scatter with them forming small Covens to remain hidden from Human eyes. After 12 years, it was reported that 95% of the species had been killed and the Lycans were thought to had been extinct. However, in reality, the Lycans had gone into hiding and were secretly running the corporation Antigen. The powerful biotech company was being used as a way of curing their vulnerability to silver. Thomas led his coven in hiding as they sought to evade capture and death.

Afterwards, there existed only two strongholds of the Vampires with one being the Eastern Coven and the other being the peaceful Nordic Coven located at Bar Dohr. During this time, the Eastern Coven came under threat from a resurgent Lycan horde led by Marius. These Lycans made used of new tactics and weapons as they sought to exterminate their Vampire foes. Semira of the Vampire Council petitioned her colleagues to offer amnesty to Selene to train their warriors and enlisted Thomas's aid to convince her comrades.


In appearance, Vampires largely resembled humans with the exception of them being able to shift their eye colour to blue and grow fangs. Vampires sustained themselves by drinking blood which they did by using their fangs to pierce flesh and draw blood. This act sustained them and also aided in quicker recovery from wounds, Despite their appearance, they had superhuman traits with them being stronger, faster and more powerful than humans. They had the ability to climb surfaces such as stick to ceilings or walk on walls and drop great distances without injury. Vampires were vulnerable to the poison nightshade that killed weaker members of their kind whilst more powerful ones were rendered temporarily paralysed. Another weakness of their race was their vulnerability to UV light with sunlight cause their bodies to disintegrate leaving only behind skeletons.

One trait of the Vampires was being able to access memories by drinking blood. A single drop was able to impart the memories of the host to another. This served as a means of passing information quickly. Vampires could drink the blood of their subordinates to access their knowledge quickly. In others, drops of blood could be preserved in vials that were used to authenticate information long after the Vampire host had been killed. As bearers of the Corvinus Strain, Vampires were able to pass the infection onto others allowing them to become Vampires. This involved an exchange of blood between the two which turn a human into a Vampire. Hybrids were also able to pass their blood to a Vampire allowing them to gain their traits such as an immunity to sunlight.

Vampires formed communities that were known as Covens with the larger ones being based in different parts of the world. Examples included the American bases New World Coven or the Eastern Coven and the Nordic Coven. The covens were led by the leaders of their race with these becoming the Vampire Elders who sat on councils. In addition, their ranks consisted of a number of Nobles of high-standing.

Their society was governed by a set of laws that were decreed in their Covenant which included:

  • Vampires were to conceal themselves from humans at all costs unless they were to be turned.
  • Vampires were not allowed to drink human blood directly.
  • Vampires were not allowed to fraternise or interact with Lycans in anyway.
  • Vampires were not allowed to delve into the past.

The breaking of these laws required judgement from the Council. The Council could pass sentences such as death for members of their kind. Such was the case of a Vampire pregnant from a Lycan mate where she was executed by exposure to sunlight.

Vampires from Var Dohr developed their own customs and traditions with members of the Nordic Coven being distinctive for their white hair. These Vampires were peaceful and preferred isolation from the affairs of the world. They developed their own ritual whereby members were cocooned and submerged in the freezing waters of the coven. Once there, the Vampire accessed the Valissa that heightened their abilities and allowed them to see the Sacred World. A side effect of the ritual was the Vampire developing white hair. They could move incredibly fast appearing as a blur and could sense traits in others allowing them to discern carefully known secrets.

For warfare, the Vampires made use of a range of armaments that evolved over the centuries. In ancient times, they were outfitted with swords and armor. By the modern age, they had progressed to projectile weapons and special shurikens. Against Lycans, these weapons were coated in silver as it triggered a severe reaction in their foes.


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