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Mageddon is a cosmic entity that features in the DC Comic univese.



Mageddon was a powerful weapon that was created by the Old Gods of Urgrund. It was part of an arsenal of manufactured weapons beyond comprehension that tore apart infinity. A similar warhead was launched cross the Shining Bridge to destroy Joyous Home that was the star city of the Old Gods. Mageddon managed to survive the destruction of its creators with it being imprisoned for 15 billion years ago in the gravity sink on the outer curve of spacetime. Thus, it came to be locked away and kept under watch by the heroes of Wonderworld. (JLA v1 #36) On Earth, legends referred to Mageddon as a dark deadly god of destruction called Tezcatlipoca. (JLA v1 #39) By the modern age, the Know Man knew of the coming danger of the warbringer and sought to prepare heroes to battle against it. This involved transforming the entire population of Earth into Metahumans to fight the cosmic entity but he was defeated by the Justice League who were unaware of his intentions. (JLA v1 #41)

During its release, the warrior known as the Glimmer of Wonderworld faced the Mageddon on the rim of the universe before running perpendicular through time to find the one place where it could be defeated which was Earth. (JLA v1 #41) On approaching Earth, Mageddon began to influence the minds of its native supervillains to cause chaos and pacify resistance before it arrived. Thus, it manifested on Lex Luthor making him create a new incarnation of the Injustice Gang and had them targeted the Justice League. (JLA v1 #38)

To prevent Earth from destroying itself, the hosts of the Pax Dei descended on the mortal plane to stop the worlds various leaders that were influenced by the Primordial Annihilator from destroying themselves. Aztek managed to penetrate the membrane of the Mageddon where he detonated the 4th-dimensional mirror creating a massive explosion that harmed the cosmic weapon. This distraction gave Superman the opportunity to free himself and allowed him to target the weapons core. At the same time, the League unleashed the evolutionary potential in mankind through the morphogenetic field gifting all humans temporarily with superhuman abilities where they rose in mass to fight the Mageddon. Despite the losses, this allowed Superman to journey into the heart of Mageddon and remove its essence without triggering the detonation mechanisms thus defeating the ancient cosmic weapon. (JLA v1 #41)


Personality and attributes

It was known by other names including the Anti-Sun, the Primordial Annihilator and as Mageddon in the language of New Genesis. (JLA v1 #36)

The weapons intelligence had no real mind with it instead having the mechanical movement of basic directives that operated over vast distances. It was described as being both huge yet simple at the same time with it having a near implacable reptilian mind. As such, despite its complexity, it was too primitive to reason with as it followed its simple purpose of bringing mass extinction. (JLA v1 #40) It could not be argued with or threatened as it was single minded in the extermination of its targets. Mageddon was stated to not be a god but rather a weapon capable of destroying gods. (JLA v1 #39) Mageddon's directive was to destroy, annihilate and convert all life into death which was fuel for the warbinger. (JLA v1 #40)

Powers and abilities

The warhead was described as being a doomsday machine that when detonated killed billions. (JLA v1 #36) At its core, there was a planetoid that was the entity's brain with an Anti-Sun residing above it that was a power source. Its essence was a heart-shaped construct that contained concentrated anti-sunlight. The internal terrain was described as being techno-active allowing it to reform itself to respond to intruders. (JLA v1 #41) It was claimed that it could not be stopped and used whatever it could find for its purpose with it noted for being a clever weapon. This could see aspects of it take over host bodies and direct its operation with this manifest as an organic eye that rooted the host to the ground. Such was its power that it could detect weapons such as Power Ring which were then located and neutralised. Any threat posed to the activation of the Mageddon warhead was targeted for elimination to become a neutralised element. (JLA v1 #38) The core consisted of an engine of mindless souls with robots carrying its thoughts from one part of its gigantic brain to the other. The brain itself was described as being like a city that was a world in flames. Around Mageddon was a cosmic shroud that protected it from intruders that had to brave through raging thoughtstorms taller than continents that masked a labyrinthe of mechanisms. (JLA v1 #39)

It brought war and ruin that manifested as a creeping taint which first surfaced in the minds of those with a predisposition to evil. (JLA v1 #36) Mageddon generated a mindfield with it broadcasting on the lowest psychic frequencies with it evoking emotions of horror, shame, anger, fear and despair. This was accomplished by stimulating the primitive backbrain's R-Complex that was inherited by sentient beings reptilian ancestors. Those that challenged it could be subverted by the entity and have themselves taken as components of the weapon. (JLA v1 #41) As it approached its target, all the soldiers of chaos beset the forces of order. (JLA v1 #36) This saw it working through agents to destroy any and all resistance to its program. (JLA v1 #38) During its final stage, Mageddon manifested in the Heavens causing people to turn against one another and bringing about the death of the stars. (JLA v1 #36) Upon detonation, its power was noted to had been so great that it would have vaporised half the galaxy. (JLA v1 #41)


  • The Mageddon was created by Grant Morrison and Howard Porter where it made its first appearance in JLA v1 #37 (January, 2000).


  • JLA v1: #37

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