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Mako Mori is a female film character who features in Pacific Rim.



Mako Mori was a female Japanese human born in the modern age during a time when the world came to be invaded by extraterrestrial Kaiju. One such attack saw the death of her parents and the young girl attempting to flee the giant beast who was in pursuit of her. Cornered in an alley, she faced death but was saved by the Jaeger that was piloted by Ranger Stacker Pentecost. After saving the orphaned Mako, Stacker decided to take the girl in and adopt her as she had no family left to support her. The young girl was taken into his home where she met Pentecost's son Jake Pentecost who became Mori's adoptive younger brother. However, this event led to a rift forming between Stacker and Jake over the years with relations between the two being strained.


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  • Mako Mori was portrayed by actor Rinko Kikuchi where she featured in the setting of Pacific Rim.
  • Actor Mana Ashida portrayed Mako Mori during flashbacks of the characters childhood.
  • The novelisation stated that she was born on April 23, 2003 to parents Sumako and Masao Mori a sword maker where she was their only child with Mako growing up in village in Tanegashima.


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