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Mandrakk is a cosmic being that features in DC Comics.



Dax Novu was a member of the Monitors and infact the first "son" of the original Monitor where he was origianlly known a Dax Novu. He also sired a son of his own who was known as Nix Uotan. Through Novu's actions, he was able to first map the multiverse whereupon he was contaminated by it. Thus, by his travels, he became corrupted and took on the name Mandrakk and took on a more vampiric appearance. Due to his fall to darkness, he was imprisoned due to his attempt at consuming the Bleed which was life in its purest form.

He remained there for an unknown length of time until his son was banished. The act partially freed Mandrakk and through the machinations of the lesser Monitor called Rox Ogama, the former Dax Novu escaped from his prison. But he was defeated by Superman who was in control of the very weapon that Dax Novu had created to protect the multiverse which was the Thought Robot which held vast cosmic powers. As a result of the battle, Mandrakk was defeated and he seemingly fell to his death into the Overvoid though Rox Ogama was seen plotting the Dark Monitor's return.

It was eventually revealed that Madrakk had survived his near death experience and began making his plans against Earth itself through the use of Darkseid's own attack to prepare the way. But he was challenged by Radiant and the Spectre who attempted to stop him. Despite their attacks, Mandrakk defeated God's Mercy and Wrath whereupon he fed upon their power to add it to his own. He then waited until Darkseid's attack was complete in order to find the right moment to attack.

This eventually came after the demise of Darkseid. Mandrakk had resurfaced and took advantage of the destruction caused in order to finish dragging the Earth into the darkness where the fallen Novu resided. In addition to this, he sought revenge against Superman by using his controlled slave Ultraman against him. Ultraman was able to overpower and subdue his cousin Kara Zor-El. Mandrakk then shows that he had defeated both the Radiant and Spectre whereupon he tells Superman to surrender as victory was his as nothing could stop him. As he approached Superman and mocked him for his failure, Kal-El used the last amoutn of light within his cells to bring the Thought Robot to life whereupon Madrakk was surprised to see the Supermen from the Multiverse who defeated his pawn Ultraman after which they turned their attention on Mandrakk himself. This culiminated in the arrival of Nix Uotan who claimed that this was a matter for the Monitor's to settle.

In order to stop his father's evil, Nix began activating the last defenses of the Multiverse thus fulfilling his duty as the Judge of All Evil. At first, Dax Novu did not recognise his son as he was calling various allies to his side until finally he knew him. Before Nix Uotan finished his action, he told Mandrakk that if he wished to survive then he should return to the darkness which he called home. Defiant to the last, Mandrakk attempted to fight back only to be attacked by the Supermen of the Multiverse, the Angels of Pax Dei, the Forever People and a number of Green Lanterns. The Supermen used their collective heat vision to attack Mandrakk who was wounded by the attack and was finally killed when the Green Lanterns impaled him on a giant stake. Before his death, Mandrakk was surprised to see that events did not come about as was predicted in the Blook of Limbo. Thus, the first "son" of the Monitor was killed by his own son who completed the legacy of the Monitor of protecting the Multiverse.

Though seemingly killed, Mandrakk had survived but was severely weakened and came to fall to the defeat of the entity Barbatos who resided in the Dark Multiverse. From there, Mandrakk sent out a siren call to those that would listen to him so that he could taste of their blood to give him the strength to return back to the positive matter universe once again. (The Unexpected v1 #7) He managed to overpower Neon the Unknown, Hawkman and Firebrand whilst killing the Bad Samaritan who had once served him. After feeding on Neon, he was prepared to begin feeding on the Multiverse when Neon the Unknown returned from the World Forge alongside the Bad Samaritan. He came to realise the way to defeat Mandrakk was not by banishing him but changing him. Thus, he used his powers to turn Mandrakk's desire to feed on positive-matter to that of dark matter that was composed of his own body. Firebrand then knocked him into the portal back into the Dark Multiverse as he was not defeated and forced to feed on the substance of that realm. (The Unexpected v1 #8)


Personality and attributes

Mandrakk was origianlly called Dax Novu but his fall into evil led him to be known as the Dark Monitor.

Powers and abilities


  • Mandrakk was created by Grant Morrison and J.G. Jones where he made his first appearance in Final Crisis: Superman Beyond v1 #1 (October, 2008).


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  • The Unexpected v1:

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