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Maxwell Lord in Justice League: Generation Lost v1 #5.

Maxwell Lord is a male comic character that features in DC Comics.




The New 52

Following the Flashpoint, a new version of reality was created with a different history of events. Maxwell Lord IV was the son of Albert Lord and Maxine Lord with his father being an entrepreneur and a self-made man who started Chemtech Pharmaceuticals with him become incredibly wealthy as a result. However, a scandal emerged when the company's weight loss pills were found to cause cancer with the event striking Albert Lord greatly with him as CEO later being found dead. After that point, the Lord family went upon hard times and his mother was said to had disappeared from the public eye. His mother was furious at her husband's soft nature leading to his demise and she taught her son Max Lord to become more ruthless in the future. (Justice League Vol 3 #11)

He eventually rose to become a royalty ranking member of Checkmate where he operated as its Black King whilst also being the co-head of the Cadmus Project and Executive Commissioner of the OMAC Initiative. (Justice League Vol 3 #11)

To protect himself from being controlled, Max had a priest on Diablo Island brand him with a sigil to prevent possession. However, Eclipso began to slowly influence him as he enjoyed the powers of his host and made him appear that he had brought peace to the world when in reality mankind was possessed to kill one another. Amanda Waller managed to make Lord see the truth but he was unable to let go of the black diamond and from his body emerged Eclipso's true form with the villain causing the sun to turn black as he sought to take over the world. (Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad v1 #5)


Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities

His power was said to only make people do what they normally would do with him simply giving them the push to act upon that thought. As such, he said he gave permission for such people to take that action and it was not a mandated command. (Justice League Vol 3 #11)


  • Maxwell Lord was created by Keith Giffen, J. M. DeMatteis and Kevin Maguire where he made his first appearance in Justice League v2 #1 (May, 1987).

Alternate Versions

In other media


  • In Justice League Unlimited, Maxwell Lord appeared in the DC Animated Universe episode "Ultimatum" where he was voiced by actor Tim Matheson. He was shown as an ordinary human with no special abilities who served as the manager of the Ultimen that were an independent superhero team. Unknown to the Ultimen, they were actually genetically engineered clones created by Project Cadmus as part of an ongoing effort to protect Earth against the Justice League.
  • In Supergirl, Maxwell Lord appeared as a semi-antagonist in the live-action series where he was portrayed by actor Peter Facinelli. He was the son of scientists that were killed due to safety conditions causing him to distrust government agencies. Maxwell later became the founder of Lord Technologies that was a company which operated at National City.


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