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Moira Queen is a female comic character that features in DC Comics.




The New 52

Following the Flashpoint, a new history was created with a different timeline of events.

She grew up with her mother who was a single parent and did multiple jobs to support them such as being a waitress, bartender or housecleaner. During this time, they had no home and instead lived in rented motels, trailers or on the couch in a strangers home. In this time, she was forced to beg for money and often saw her mother either drunk or high on drugs. When she was 12 years old, she was one the streets begging with everyone ignoring her leading to Moira vowing to never be this helpless again. Years later, she met and fell in love with rich heir Robert Queen with the two getting married leading to Moira gaining wealth, power and legacy. After the marriage, she came to learn of the long legacy of the Queen family that started with Robin Queen who built a time and fishing industry that became the basis for Seattle. However, Robert Queen pursued a life of an adventurer with Moira believing that he ignored his responsibilities. At some point, she had a son with Robert Queen who they named Oliver Queen. When their son was a young boy, she came to learn that Robert Queen had an affair with a woman named Shado though her husband denied that it meant anything to him. Around this time, she came to learn of the Ninth Circle that was an organization founded by Robin Queen long ago. (Green Arrow v6 #34)

During Zero Year, Gotham City suffered from large scale blackouts with Moira journeying there to help the civilians at a shelter. This was against the advice of her bodyguard John Diggle who insisted that they leave for her security but she refused. The shelter was then struck with a bomb that blew the windows with this being the work of Killer Moth who targeted the rich Moira Queen. A disguised Oliver Queen arrived in a green hood to save his mother just as Batman arrived to fight Killer Moth. After defeating the villain, he offered to take Moira to safety but she refuses and instead wanted to go with the hood figure seemingly aware that this was her son who had returned to Settle. (Green Arrow v5 #25) When her husband was missing, Moira assumed the role of acting C.E.O. of Queen Industries but was believed to had died after a long battle with liver cancer. This resulted in her son Oliver Queen being the new head of the family business as he was the only heir of the Queens. (Green Arrow v5 #33)

Despite her presumed death, Moira Queen was secretly alive and was inducted into the ranks of the Ninth Circle. (Green Arrow v6 #25) Her faked death was part of an arcane ritual of the Ninth Circle known as the Descent which she needed to do in order to join the secret society. (Green Arrow v6 #34) Moira and Broderick had convinced the board of the Circle to invest in the Star City Project with the promise of further such corporate cities being made around the country. However, repeated failures led to a vote of no confidence from the board on Moira and Broderick's efforts. As a result, Dante was sent to recruit the assassin Shado with the task of killing Moira Queen. Meanwhile, Moira decided to have Broderick take the blame for their failure and she later approached her son Oliver Queen when he returned to Star City. (Green Arrow v6 #33)


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  • Moira Queen was created by Chuck Dixon and Rick Burchett where she made her first appearance in Green Arrow Annual v2 #7 (1995).

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