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Nomus is the name given a species that feature in My Hero Academia.



Nomus was the name given a number of individuals that were engineered to be living weapons. Their origins were traced to the villainous crime lord known as All For One who had the ability to steal Quirks which he either kept for himself or imparted them to others. After being injured, he remained in the shadows for years and performed experiments to transform people into artificial humans that obeyed his orders. These were creatures that were referred to only as Nomu and had no personality of their own with them simply following the orders of a superior. Typically, they had a number of Quirks installed in their bodies and were considered powerful enough to challenge heroes.


In appearance, the physical form of the Nomus varied greatly with some being muscular humanoids whilst others were winged creature. A common feature in them all was their monstrous form that had an exposed brain and large eyes on them. A Nomu could possess either a single Quirk or multiple Quirks in their bodies that enhanced their fighting potential.

It was said that a Nomu with black skin possessed powerful regenerative abilities.


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  • The Nomu or Artificial Humans feature in the setting of My Hero Academia.


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