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Obsidian is a male comic character who features in DC Comics.



Todd James Rice

With his power, Obsidian was able to overpower the Justice Society who were forced to flee. Karkull used this opportunity in an attempt to kill Todd Rice and claim his power. However, Obsidian was prepared and he simply absorbed Karkull into himself as he became a living embodiment of the Shadowlands. With his power amplified, Obsidian then spread darkness across the world. (JSA v1 #8)

Todd later returned when he revealed that he had become an ally of Mordru who had freed himself from his prison within Doctor Fate's amulet. The Lord of Chaos unleashed his power against the Justice Society with Obsidian emerging to absorb his father Alan Scott into his shadow dimension with Captain Marvel along with Stargirl also falling into the Shadowlands. (JSA v1 #47)

Afterwards, the power of the Starheart grew to the point that it had taken over Alan Scott's body and using him as a host vessel. This allowed him to corrupt Obsidian into serving him whilst creating a range of mystical disturbances that caused magical beings to run amok. The Justice Society and the new Justice League sought to stop the Starheart who was sequestered at his citadel on the Moon. During this time, Jade had been resurrected where she sought to free her family from the Starheart. However, the corruption caused Obsidian to fuse with her into a hybrid being until Doctor Fate separated them. This caused Jade to be empowered by the White Lantern where she used her link to the Starheart to weaken it and allow her father to be freed from its influence. This similarly freed Obsidian but the corruption still lingered and meant that he could not be near his sister or they would fuse into the hybrid being again. (Justice League of America v2 #48)


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  • Obsidian was created by Roy Thomas and Jerry Ordway where he made his first appearance in All-Star Squadron v1 #25 (September, 1983).

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