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Onaga the Dragon King.

Onaga is a male character that features in the Mortal Kombat game series.



Onaga was a powerful being who was also known as the Dragon King. His origins remain unknown but it was known that millennia ago, Onaga was the ruler of the realm of Outworld. He was noted as an accomplished campaigner and that he commanded the greatest army in all the realms. His army was undefeatable with its secret being Onaga himself who's heart possessed the power of resurrecting any living being; through this he constantly brought back his soldiers after each battle to the point that they were truly invincible. In order to cheat death, Onaga also sought the means of gaining eternal life and thus ordered the last known dragon egg being kept be brought to him. Through it, he had hoped to gain immortality through the use of the infant dragon's blood. However, before he could accomplish this, Onaga was poisoned by his closest advisor, Shao Kahn. Upon his death, Kahn took over the realm as Emperor of Outworld. Though dead, his soul was still active and sought to bring about his rebirth. A cult also formed around him that sought to also bring his resurrection through the use of a dragon egg. The soul of Onaga finally found a mortal to serve bring about his rebirth with this being an individual named Shujinko. The young boy from Earthrealm who was being trained by the Shaolin monks with Onaga taking the guise of a spirit named Damashi. As Damashi, he appeared before Shujinko and claimed he was a servant of the Mortal Kombat where he stated that he had a quest to save the realms. Over years, Damashi had sent Shujinko on a series of quests to collect the godly relics known as the Kamidogu.

Thus, the Dragon King was reborn where he made his way to the Nexus in order to confront Shujinko. Shujinko believed that Onaga had taken Damashi captive initially before the monstrous villain revealed the truth of Damashi and his deception of the Earthrealm warrior. He prepared to kill the mortal but Shujinko escaped through a portal with the Dragon King content to leave him be as he desired to collect Shinnok's Amulet. Arriving in Outworld, he arrived at the palace in the midst of the battle between Raiden, Shang Tsung and Quan Chi. As he entered the palace, his undead army bowed to him whilst the Thunder God and two sorcerers decided to work together to battle this new threat. Combining their powers, they attempted to defeat the Dragon King but Onaga's power allowed him to brush aside their attacks. This led to Raiden to conclude that even the three of them working together could not defeat their foe and he decided to build-up his energy into a powerful explosion to kill them all. The mystical eruption destroyed the palace and killed everyone except for the Dragon King. He emerged from the destruction and had the Amulet in his hands allowing him to begin the next stage of his plan which was to unite the realms.


Personality and attributes

In appearance, Onaga was a ldarge reptilian being with dragonic features such as hoofed legs, a tail, horns and wings.

He had a dim view on traitors which was primarily attributed to the fact that Shao Kahn had betrayed him. Furthermore, he viewed himself as the rightful ruler of Outworld.

The ultimate goal of the Dragon King was the acquisition of the Kamidogu in order to unite the realms. It was believed that this was actual the subtle manipulations of the One Being that sought to be reconstituted by the merger of the realms.

Powers and abilities

The Dragon King had numerous abilities making him a formidable threat in battle. He had superhuman strength and a resistance to all forms of magic which did little but slow him down. This made direct confrontation with him impossible for opponents. His dragonic nature meant that he was a fire breather and was capable of exhaling flames into either a concentrated ball of fire or as a stream of fire to burn his enemies. Furthermore, he had a great immunity to most forms of attacks including magic with the might of two sorcerors and an Elder God doing little but slow him down. In addition, a concentrated release of a godly essence that created a huge explosion had little effect on him as he simply rose from the wreckage that could kill hundreds.

Onaga's heart was a potent source of magical power and allowed him the innate ability to raise the dead. Its power was capable of being bestowed upon others by slaying the Dragon King and devouring his heart allowing individuals to use the magic to bring back the dead.

One of his powers was the capacity of projecting his consciousness at great distances which appeared as a flying ball of orange light. In this form, he took on the identity of Damashi from beyond death itself and used it to set events in motion for his resurrection.


  • The character was the primary villain and boss of Mortal Kombat: Deception.


  • Mortal Kombat: Deception:
  • Mortal Kombat: Armageddon:

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