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The Elder Gods.

The Elder Gods are a group of beings that feature in the Mortal Kombat series.



Original Timeline

Battling the One Being.

The Elder Gods were a race of god-like beings that inhabited the cosmos and resided in the Heavens. According to legend, at the beginning of creation was an entity known as the One Being. Once the Elder Gods formed, the One Being was responsible for feeding off their essence in the void. In that time, six of the Elder Gods sought to defeat the One Being and the were responsible for forging the Kamidogu. With its power, they split the essence of the One Being and through this act they created the various Realms. As a result, the Elder Gods became the prime rulers of all of creation and sought to enforce rules to prevent the reformation of the One Being. With the realms created, the Elder Gods enlisted the aid of the first sorcerers in order to connect these various lands to one another by way of magical portals. Among the areas that were created that linked these realms was the Nexus and the Kamidogu were split apart where they were placed in their respective realms. They also instituted the creation of the Mortal Kombat Tournament to govern the conquest of the various reams and prevent forced mergers. Long ago, one of the Elder Gods named Shinnok who governed Earthrealm became corrupted and sought dominion over all life. This brought him into conflict with the Elder Gods that ravaged Earth. Shinnok was ultimately defeated by the thunder god Raiden who imprisoned the fallen god in the Netherrealm. To prevent his rise, Shinnok was imprisoned for all of time and his Amulet taken from him where it was secured at the Temple of the Elements in Earthrealm. At some distant point, the Elder Gods realized that the rise of various kombatants had a destabilizing effect on the realms. They determined that the powers of these champions would bring about the destruction of all creation by bringing about the Armageddon. In an effort to stop this cataclysm, Edenia's protector god Argus was entrusted with the task of preventing this fate.

By the modern age, the sorcerer Quan Chi arose in power and assembled the Brotherhood of Shadow who worshipped the fallen god Shinnok. In an effort to free him, Quan Chi purchased the services of the Lin Kuei where the warrior Sub-Zero the Elder was dispatched to retrieve Shinnok's amulet from the Temple of the Elements. During his mission, he battled the godly guardians the Elder Gods had placed to protect it. Years later, the younger Sub-Zero attempted to make peace with the guardians only to discover that they were gone. Following the second Mortal Kombat Tournament, Shao Kahn decided to forcibly conquer Earthrealm and was in the process of merging it with Outworld. In this time, the Elder Gods refused to intervene to help Raiden who took mortal form to defend Earth. After Shao Kahn's defeat, the fallen Elder God Shinnok was freed from his imprisonment and managed to gain his Amulet once more whereupon he invaded the realms with his Army of Darkness. Most of the Elder Gods were slain when Shinnok began his war against Heaven itself. Following Shinnok's defeat, the Elder Gods met with Raiden and rewarded his service by ascending him to join their ranks. To replace him, the Thunder God appointed Fujin in his stead as the new protector deity of Earthrealm. Around this time, the Elder Gods sensed the threat posed by the Deadly Alliance of Quan Chi and Shang Tsung. Despite the danger to the stability of the realms, they refused to act or interfere in the events. Only Raiden disagreed with the Elder Gods and after their refusal to act he decided to relinquish his status among them to return to Earthrealm in support of it against the pair of sorcerers.

At some point, the Elder Gods sensed a threat to the realm and appointed a champion for their needs. This warrior journeyed to the Nexus between realms where he battled the warrior Shujinko who mistakenly believed that he served the Elder God. In reality, the threat to the realm came at the hands of the reborn Dragon King Onaga who was inadvertently bringing about the reformation of the One Being. To stop this threat, the Elder Gods saved the undead revenant Scorpion who faced annihilation after being thrown into a Soulnado. In exchange for his service as their champion, they agreed to resurrect his fellow Shirai Ryu clan. After the threat had passed, the Elder Gods did resurrect the clan but as undead hellspawns similar to Scorpion. As a result, Scorpion and his clan swore vengeance against the Elder Gods along with their servants.

Reboot Timeline

During the Armageddon, Shao Kahn ultimately proved the victor leading to the destruction of all of reality as a consequence. In his final moments, Raiden sent his experiences back in time to his younger self in the hope of averting this future. These experiences became scattered visions that the younger Raiden saw at random moments leading to him changing this future and thus creating an altered timeline of events. The actions caused by Raiden resulted in a disruption in the timeline that was picked up by Kronika the Keeper of Time who sought to reset history and create a more balanced timeline per her vision. This was discovered by the Elder Gods who informed a past version of Raiden that sought to stop her machinations. Afterwards, the Elder Gods were slain by Cetrion who was one of their own number but was the daughter of Kronika and intended to ensure that her mothers plans came to fruition in order for a more balanced world to be created in the New Era timeline.


The Elder Gods were powerful immortal beings that resided within the Heavens. They rarely interacted with the lower planes except in matters that endangered all of existence. Certain Elder Gods appeared as blue skinned humanoids with glowing eyes though the minor gods appeared more Human in skin tone but had white eyes. They sometimes manifested their faces in the Elder Gods Arena which were blue faces with white glowing eyes or made an avatar to speak to certain individuals. The Void was said to be a place where the Elder Gods dwelt and was an area that was beyond the realms. It was said that they manifested themselves as fearsome dragons. They were quite powerful and capable of resurrecting people who were killed; either as living breathing beings or as undead hellspawns.

Though they instituted the Mortal Kombat Tournament, they were not concerned with warfare between the realms. They were only concerned with the merger of the realms that can bring their wrath. As such, it was said that their only concern was the continued existence of the realms. One account held that they did not interfere in affairs out of fear of awakening the One Being.


An Elder God.
  • Argus : a powerful god he was the protector of the realm of Edenia who foresaw the Armageddon and created steps to prevent its coming. He had a number of demigod offspring that included Taven, Daegon and Rain.
  • Shinnok : a former Elder God who once ruled Earthrealm before his ambition sought him to seek dominion over all realms causing his fall where he was imprisoned in the Netherrealm.
  • Raiden : the Thunder God that became the protector of Earthrealm following Shinnok's fall and later awarded status as an Elder God after Shinnok's second defeat.
  • Cetrion : a female Elder Goddess of Virtue and the Guardian of Life with her being a nature based deity. She was the daughter of Kronika the Keeper of Time and sister to Shinnok with her being the one to cast him into the Netherrealm.

In other media


  • In Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, the Elder Gods intervened when they discovered the treachery of Shinnok and prevented him from aiding his son Shao Kahn thus leading to the Outworld Emperor being defeated by Liu Kang.
  • In Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion's Revenge, the Elder Gods were referenced in the setting of the 2020 direct-to-video animated film. They were said to had been responsible for dividing the realms from one another and creating the Mortal Kombat Tournament to prevent outright invasion of those worlds.


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