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Ophelia was a member of the Avalon Clan of gargoyles. Unlike the majority of the clan, she learned some fighting skills in the form of archery.

During the attack of the Archmage and his allies, Ophelia was one of the few who fought back in their initial attack, and was wounded badly for her effort. Ophelia spent the remainder of the battle in a makeshift hospital in Oberon's Palace. When Demona invaded the infirmary, Ophelia made another effort to stop her despite her wounds, and was hurt further.

After the Archmage's defeat, her recovery was swift; she was fully healed some weeks later when Lord Oberon and Queen Titania returned to Avalon. Oberon insisted the Avalon clan leave; they refused. While Goliath, Angela, and Gabriel fought Oberon across the isle in an effort to win the right to remain, Ophelia helped Tom create an iron bell to defeat the fay lord, based on clues from Titania. However, she questioned their right to use it, since Oberon was Avalon's proper ruler. Elisa countered that Oberon left a thousand years ago, and in doing so relinquished his rights to the island. The three champions were defeated, but the bell managed to nearly destroy Oberon. Tom stopped just short of finishing him, and the impressed Lord of Avalon allowed the Avalon clan and their human 'parents' to remain as the Honor Guard of Avalon.

Ophelia is mated with Gabriel.

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