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(986 - ?) Son of Mary. He was with a group of refugees driven to Castle Wyvern by the Viking Hakon, and, despite his mother's unreasoning fear of them, quickly became friends with some members of the castle's gargoyle clan. Along with the rest of the refugees, Tom was captured by the Vikings and held prisoner after Castle Wyvern was sacked. Tom was confident that his friends, the gargoyles, would save them, and he was ultimately proven right. After the clan was turned to stone under tragic circumstances, Tom accompanied Mary, Princess Katharine, the Magus, and the 36 gargoyle eggs of the Wyvern clan's rookery on their journey to Katherine's uncle, King Kenneth. When he swore that he would let nothing harm the eggs, Princess Katherine appointed him the Guardian of the eggs.

Tom stayed with Katherine, the Magus, and his mother, until he witnessed the usurper Constantine's murder of King Kenneth. Since both his and Katherine's lives were threatened by Constantine, the Magus took himself, Tom and Katherine to the mystical island of Avalon. However, his mother Mary and Finella remained in the "real" world to protect the Grimorum Arcanorum, which the Magus could not bring onto the isle. Thus, Tom was tearfully separated from his mother.

Tom lived on Avalon with the Magus and Katherine, and grew from a boy to a man. When the Magus was afraid to express his love for the Princess, Tom and Katherine fell in love, and raised the 36 gargoyle hatchlings of the Wyvern clan as their own children. Tom later forged armor and sword, and returned to the "real" world every 100 Earth years, checking to see if Goliath and his clan had awakened.

Roughly 43 Avalon years (1000 Earth years) after Tom, the Magus, Katherine, and the 36 gargoyles eggs arrived on that isle, they were attacked by the Archmage. Tom returned to the "real" world to find help, and was successful (thanks to Elisa Maza in meeting with Goliath. Tom, Goliath, Elisa and Bronx then travelled to Avalon. Ultimately, the Avalon Clan and their allies defeated the Archmage and his forces. As Goliath, Elisa, and Bronx, along with Angela, left the isle, Tom told them that "Avalon does not send you where you want to go, Avalon sends you where you need to be!" And thus began the Avalon journey.

Tom greeted Oberon and Titania upon their arrival on Avalon in 1996 with hostility. While Goliath, Angela and Gabriel battled Oberon, Tom, with the help of Ophelia and based on clues from Titania, forged an iron bell used to defeat the lord of the Third Race. He has not been seen since, but presumably is still living on Avalon with Katharine and the Avalon gargoyle clan.

Greg Weisman's Master Plan

Tom would have eventually gone to Ishimura and formed the Order of the Guardian.

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