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Ormazd was a benevolent deity that featured in the new Prince of Persia game.


Ormazd was the twin brother of the god of darkness Ahriman and bore witness to his siblings acts of destruction. When Ahriman's Army of Chaos began to destroy the lands, Ormazd hatched on a plan to defeat his kin. He created the garden where the Tree of Life resided. He then tricked his brother into entering that realm whereupon Ahriman and his legion of soldiers became imprisoned within the Tree. Satisfied that his brother was defeated, Ormazd entrusted the task of keeping him trapped to a mortal warrior tribe known as the Ahuras hoping for his brother to remain trapped for all of eternity.

This was ten thousand years ago and the Ahuras continued their mission to keep the dark god imprisoned. As time went on Ormazd slowly disappeared and abandoned his followers which began a slow tide of them losing their magical abilities. None of the Ahuras knew where the god of light went.


He was known to have been the god of light and was the polar opposite of his brother.

He created a number of light seeds that were placed around the oasis where the Tree of Life was located which were used to power their light based magical powers. Further residual elements of his light were left within the temple where the Tree of Life resided.

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