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Ahriman is a dark deity from Prince of Persia series.



He was an ancient god who's quest for domination made him wage war and destruction on the lands of mortals with his Army of Chaos destroying all in their path. In these desperate times, his twin brother Ormazd hatched a plan to defeat him. He tricked Ahriman and imprisoned him within the Tree of Life where he was made powerless as well as trapped for all of eternity. A warrior tribe known as Ahuras were assembled to guard this prison and prevent Ahriman's evil from ever being released.

Ahriman himself was trapped within the Tree for over 10,000 years and his voice was unheard of my mortals to the point that he was eventually forgotten and became nothing more then a myth. However, when the King of the Ahuras daughter Elika died, the leader of the warrior tribe forsoke his oath and pleaded to the god of darkness for his daughter to be resurrected. Ahriman agreed and by giving Elika back her life but she fled from her father and eventually met the Prince. He aided her and she led him to the seal under the Tree of Life where Ahriman was imprisoned.

Elika's angered father did not wish his daughter to be lost to him again and battled the Prince but after being defeated he slashed the tree of light inside the temple which broke the seal keeping Ahriman trapped. Darkness began to seep from his prison and Ahriman's soldiers were freed which began their attempts at spreading the Corruption through the lands. Though freed, the god of darkness had not entirely escaped with the temple where he was once housed containing some elements of his form.

In order to ensure his release, Ahriman dispatched his four Corrupted generals to the fertile lands of the garden prison in order to poison them. By doing so, their light energy would not be channeled into the Tree of Life which would further weaken the bonds that held him allowing Ahriman to enter the world beyond the garden.


Personality and attributes

"I am the Darkness. I am your end!"

Ahriman was noted as being the god of darkness who killed people and destroyed cities. This meant that he was not capable of being killed by mortal means. He manifested himself as pure black darkness. Most who stood against Ahriman were either killed or transformed into soldiers of pure darkness and became nothing moe then mindless warriors under their masters will.

Powers and abilities

The seeping darkness of Ahriman's power was known as the Corruption and was the most form of the dark gods presence as well as the most common that plagues the lands. This was a dark oily dangerous substance that covered the land and expanded as Ahriman's power grew. The Corruption's presence blocked accessible paths for enemies and attempted to corrupt them in turn. Those that were devoured by the consuming darkness were transformed into mindless slaves that were forced to do their masters will. Many of these individuals occupied the city in the oasis as they had lived there thousands of years ago. The darkness appeared as black oily patches that clung onto the walls and surfaces, moving with an evident life. Individuals that were near the Corruption were attacked by it and consumed by the darkness.

A higher class within those that fall under Ahriman's rule are known as the Corrupted who were the lords among his army. These were once humans who had sold their soul to the dark god in moments of weakness when they attempted to acquire something that their heart most desired. This made them fall under Ahriman's will and their minds became corrupted as well as twisted. Their personality's reflect this as an element of their souls is still present among them giving them a sense of individuality but even that has become twisted. This makes them the generals of his armies but ultimately they were puppets to his will even though they had their own goals. They now fight for him in order to be freed as they became less then human and become creatures of shadowy darkness. They were given powers to aid them in fighting for Ahriman's cause.

Legends state that when Ahriman fell and became imprisoned in the Tree of Life, he took with him his four Corrupted generals and thousands of soldiers with him.



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