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Pandora's Box from Team 7 v2 #8.

Pandora's Box is a technological relic that features in DC.



Pandora's Box was a golden skull-shaped relic that was said to be a product of science and native to Earth-3 which was considered the birthplace of evil. Similar to a Mother Box, there were many such boxes all of whom had the means of opening a doorway to that universe. (Justice League v2 #23) During prehistoric times, one such box resided near a village at Macedonia where it was discovered by a woman named Pandora who inadvertently opened it. This resulted in the release of the Seven Deadly Sins who when freed proceeded to massacre Pandora's village killing the entire tribe except for the one who freed them. (Pandora v1 #1) For her actions, Pandora was transported to the Rock of Eternity where she was judged by the Circle of Eternity who judged her guilty of her crimes and cursed her with immortality as punishment for her actions where she was condemned to watch the evils she had wrought on the world. (The New 52: FCBD Special Edition v1 #1)

It was later transported by A.R.G.U.S. to the Black Room where it was kept in containment alongside other mystical relics. (The New 52: FCBD Special Edition v1 #1)

Pandora broke into the Black Room where she recovered the artefact and escaped the facility before security forces could stop her. (The New 52: FCBD Special Edition v1 #1)

Upon recovering it, the Outsider used the box in order to open the doorway to Earth-3 thus allowing the Crime Syndicate of America to invade the mainstream Earth. (Justice League v2 #23)


In appearance, it resembled a hand-held golden skull with a seeming third eye in the centre of the forehead. In reality, it was a means of opening a doorway between universes allowing for a portal to be opened to its realm of origin. It was said that only an inhabitant of Earth-3 was capable of opening the box. Once it was used, the box was seemingly destroyed the process of creating the doorway. (Justice League v2 #23)


In other media

Video games

  • In Infinite Crisis, Pandora's Box was an artifact that could be purchased in the MOBA game by a player's Champion. The description stated that it once contained the Seven Deadly Sins and was still a powerful relic that could only be opened by the strongest or evilest of hearts.


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