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The Rock of Eternity is a location that features in DC Comics.




The Marvels travelling to the Rock in Marvel Family v1 #7.

The Rock of Eternity was a mystical structure that existed at the end of time and space which was home to the wizard Shazam. Long ago, the Wizard encountered an entity known as Evil who was composed of sin, terror and wickedness. He defeated the creature in his lair and trapped him by placing the Rock of Eternity above his home in the hopes that he was forever contained. This because the Three Forms of Evil could not be destroyed but could be imprisoned. (Marvel Family v1 #7)

By the modern day, Evil decided to split his form into three which when combined were able to lift the Rock of Eternity and cause it to topple to the ground. He then fled and within the ruins of the castle to take Pandora's Box for his own evil ends. It was only the efforts of the Marvel Family that were able to defeat the Three Forms of Evil. The Wizard then used magic to return him into his single body whereupon the Marvels threw him into the black pit and placed the Rock of Eternity above him. It was expected that Evil would need a thousand years to gather enough strength to move the Rock again. (Marvel Family v1 #7)


At the Rock of Eternity in Power of Shazam v1 #7.

Following the Crisis of Infinite Earths, a new version of reality was created with a different history of events. Its creation was traced to the time of the Champion following his empowerment by six forgotten deities named Marsosh, Arel, Ribalvei, Voldar, Elbiam and Lumiun. This saw a boy transformed into a powerful adult where he sought to stop evil in the world. The Champion was tasked with defeating the demonic being known as Evil who terrorised the world alongside his minions the Seven Deadly Enemies of Man. Unable to accomplish this task on his own, the Champion travelled to the distant future to enlist his successor Captain Marvel to come to his era to defeat Evil. With Evil trapped in his lair, the two heroes found a giant rock in space and placed it above demonic beings lair thus imprisoning him. Thus, was created the Rock of Eternity that was used to help seal Evil within his prison for all time. (World's Finest v1 #262) Another one of the Champion's tasks was being set to defeat the monstrous titanic beast known as the Three Faces of Evil. As he stunned the monster, the gods opened a portal into eternity where the beast was deposited on a flat section of rock from Hades itself. Afterwards, a matching rock from the heavens was brought down with such force against the other rock that the Three Faces of Evil was smashed in-between the two pieces. Thus, the Rock of Eternity was created with the Three Faces of Evil remaining locked deep inside the gigantic structure. The Champion was then placed by the gods to watch over evil in this place until his mission had ended or until an heir was chosen to inherit his responsibilities. (Power of Shazam v1 #10)

Doctor Sivana took control of the Rock of Eternity where he used his scientific brilliance to lull the wizard Shazam into a deep trance. From there, he journeyed across the Multiverse where he battled Superman before returning to his own world. Sivana then managed to harness the power of the magic lightning from the Elders and began to steal the abilities from Captain Marvel. (DC Comics Presents Annual v1 #3)

Black Adam took Wildcat to the Rock of Eternity in order to ask the wizard Shazam to call upon the aid of the Spectre to help defeat Johnny Sorrow and his master the King of Tears who was manifesting on Earth. (JSA v1 #19)

During the 5th Dimension War, Captain Marvel journeyed to the Rock in order to consult the Wizard to find a means of averting the disasters emerging on the material world. (JLA v1 #28)

Johnny Sorrow after the destruction of his body had his spirit within the abyssal plane where he managed to gain access to the Rock of Eternity. Once there, he used his power to petrify the wizard Shazam turning him to stone on his throne. He then proceeded with freeing the Seven Deadly Enemies of Man who proceeded with possessing various superheroes in the Justice Society and Justice League of America in order to spread sin and chaos around Earth. It was only when the wizard was freed did he stop the sin demons and re-entombed them back in the Rock of Eternity. (JLA/JSA: Virtue and Vice v1 #1)

The Spectre than made his way to the Rock of Eternity to battle the wizard Shazam who had prepared for his foe's arrival. (Day of Vengeance v1 #5) Despite his power, the wizard was defeated and perished in the battle whereupon the Rock of Eternity exploded into shards. Its destruction led to the release of its most dangerous of prisoners namely the Seven Deadly Enemies of Man. (Infinite Crisis v1 #1) In the aftermath, the various supernatural characters moved to hunt down the worst things that had escaped from the Rock. They also began to use magic to remove the magically infused remains of the Rock of Eternity from Gotham City in order to rebuild the structure. (Infinite Crisis Special: Day of Vengeance v1 #1)

Black Adam and Isis later made their way to the Rock of Eternity where they attacked Billy Batson who was the custodian of the mystical site. As Black Adam battled Captain Marvel, Isis used the magic tomes at the Rock in order to strip Billy of his power as she and Teth-Adam sought to cleanse the world of evil. (Justice Society of America v3 #23) Banished and without his powers, Billy Batson sought the Justice Society whom journeyed to the Rock of Eternity to stop Black Adam. In reality, the plan to purge the world was being enacted by Isis with Black Adam's reluctant support as she was corrupted by the violent nature of her demise. (Justice Society of America v3 #24)

Through Fawcett City, Kobra Cult journeyed into the Rock of Eternity in order to take part of the power of the Wrath statue of the Deadly Enemies of Man. (JSA vs. Kobra v1 #4)

In the 31st century, Saturn Queen under the direction of an ancient cosmic power was tasked with eliminating the universes wellsprings of faith, wisdom and will. Leading the Legion of Super-Villains, they struck its source of faith when they managed to open a warp into the extradimensional realm holding the Rock of Eternity. Initial attempts at attacking it failed until they used portals to bring forth two planets that crashed into the Rock thus shattering it though a survivor managed to emerge from the ruins after the villains had departed. (Legion of Super-Villains v1 #1)


Following the Flashpoint, a new version of history was created with a different history of events. It was home to the Council of Eternity that consisted of the most powerful magical beings in the world. Centuries ago, they had three individuals responsible for the worst crimes in history brought to the Rock of Eternity with these individuals forming the Trinity of Sin where they were sentenced for their actions. (DC Comics - The New 52 FCBD Special Edition v1 #1) At some point, the council had chosen a champion named Black Adam but he turned against him where he killed most of their number until the sole surviving wizard imprisoned him and was left to as sole custodian of the Rock of Eternity as magic was hidden from the world. Over the years, numerous individuals were brought to the Rock where he tested them to see if they could become his successor and the new champion of magic. (Justice League v2 #0)

Eugene Choi began to map the Rock of Eternity after him and his foster siblings gained the magic of Shazam. This eventually led to his discovery of a new chamber that contained doorways to various magical realms. (Shazam! v3 #1)


In appearance, the Rock of Eternity resembled a massive stone mountain that existed beyond time and space far past the stars with it only capable of being reached by those travelling faster than light in order to leave the normal dimension and enter into eternity. (Marvel Family v1 #7) The inside structure was an endless maze that could see people being lost if separated within its chambers. (Justice Society of America v3 #24) Its shadow aura was capable of being used as a prison for dangerous threats. (Superman/Shazam: First Thunder v1 #3)

Among the artifacts included within the Rock were:

  • Pandora's Box : once opened by poor Pandora ages ago on Earth, it was said to be filled with horrible dangers to the world including the hornets of trouble that were magical creatures that created circumstances to cause disaster. (Marvel Family v1 #7)

The Rock of Eternity was where the Wizard made his eternal records. (Marvel Family v1 #7) These were written on the everlasting stone of the rock. (Marvel Family v1 #1) One of the chambers present within it was called The Station which resembled a subway station. (Shazam! v3 #1) The trains each led to a different mystical realm with the main one being the Earthlands of Earth. Among the other destinations included the Funlands, the Gamelands, the Wildlands, the Darklands, the Monsterlands and the Magiclands. (Shazam! v3 #2)

It was located far out in space at the hub of the universe. (Captain Marvel Adventures v1 #144) It resided in eternity that was distant from the normal universe and could be reached by one exceeding the speed of light. (Marvel Family v1 #7) The Rock was located at the center of space and time with the power of Captain Marvel coming from outside the universe. (World's Finest v1 #257) Eternity was said to exist at the exact center of all of creation with the Rock of Eternity being the only landmark located there. (World's Finest v1 #262) Similar to other magical constructs, it inhabited a realm of vastly different rules and operated less a location but rather more like a way station of power. (Trials of Shazam v1 #1) The distant structure was situated beyond that of space-time. (DC Challenge v1 #5) Surrounding the Rock were mists that could take people anywhere and formed a pattern in the nexus that could only be deciphered by the Wisdom of Solomon or Zehuti. (Justice Society of America v3 #24) These mists were part of the liquid membrane between time and space that could lead to doorways to locations such as Limbo, the Ghost Zone, Gemworld, Fate's Tower and the under-dimensions. Through the mists, a person could also be transported to the Rock's parallel twin namely the Rock of Finality. (Justice Society of America v3 #25) From the Rock, a traveller was able to journey to any place in time and space. (DC Challenge v1 #5) From there, one could virtually transverse anywhere including the past, future and alternate worlds. (DC Comics Presents Annual v1 #3) The Rock of Eternity was usually not accessible from Earth's mortal plane of reality. (JLA/JSA: Virtue and Vice v1 #1)

Broken aspects of the Rock were referred to as Eternium and had the ability to sap the power from a wielder of Shazam's power. (Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #111)


  • Shazam :
  • Billy Batson :


  • The Rock of Eternity was created by Otto Binder and C.C. Beck where it made its first appearance in Marvel Family v1 #7 (December, 1946).

Alternate Versions

In other media


  • In Justice League Action, the Rock of Eternity was shown in the animated television series in the episode "Shazam Slam: Classic Rock". It was the extra-dimensional hope of the Wizard that served as his home and was where he imprisoned the numerous Monsters of Eternity such as the Brothers Djinn. Black Adam broke into the Rock where he used his magic to defeat both the Wizard and his champion Shazam. To punish the Wizard, he banished him from the Rock and sent monsters after him whilst Black Adam planned to conquer the world. It was only with the aid of Batman did the Wizard return to the Rock of Eternity where they helped free Billy Batson allowing him to turn into Shazam to defeat Black Adam but not before the Brothers Djinn had escaped into the world.


  • In Shazam!, the Rock of Eternity appeared in the setting of the live-action film set in the DC Extended Universe. It was said to be the centre of magic which was once home to the council of wizards who empowered a champion to bring good in the world. However, their champion once turned their power against the world thus freeing the Seven Deadly Sins that killed millions. In time, most of the council were killed leaving only the wizard Shazam who remained as the warden for the imprisoned Seven Deadly Sins. In time, the wizard Shazam's power began to grow weaker and he sought a successor to take over as custodian of the Rock of Eternity.

Video games

  • In DC vs. Mortal Kombat, Captain Marvel approaches the Rock of Eternity in order to consult the Wizard about the merger between the realms only to find the structure also partially merged with the other universe. Raiden takes an interest in the structure where Captain Marvel states its a point of communion between the gods and mortals. In Liu Kang's ending, its shown that Raiden had studied the Rock of Eternity and learnt enough secrets to create his own version of Captain Marvel for his dimension where he along with other gods endow their power onto Liu Kang whenever he shouts the words "Mortal Kombat!".
  • In Injustice 2, the Rock of Eternity appeared in the setting of the fighting video game where it was in the campaign and a transition in Kahndaq. It was said to reside in a pocket dimension with its magic being used by Black Adam to hide his nation from Brianiac during his attack on Earth. After the superheroes of Earth united, the decided to tap into the power of the Rock and use the Trident of Atlantis to project a magical assault against Brainiac's Skull Ship. Gorilla Grodd was dispatched by Brainiac as he desired an example of magic from Earth in the Rock of Eternity.


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