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Pandora in Trinity of Sin: Pandora v1 #1.

Pandora is a female comic character that features in DC Comics.



Pandora was a female who was born in Prehistoric times where she lived in the lands that became Macedonia by the year 8000 B.C.E. She was part of a tribe that lived peacefully when she herself discovered she discovered a box that she inadvertently opened leading to evil being released unto Earth in the form of the seven deadly sins. Upon being released, the demonic entities made way to Pandora's tribe who they slaughtered but left her alive. (Pandora v1 #1) She was then transported to the Rock of Eternity where she was alongside other great transgressors including the figure who became the Phantom Stranger and another who was the Question. Each were punished by the Circle of Eternity where they were cursed with immortality to witness the evils they had wrought on the world as the Trinity of Sin. (The New 52: FCBD Special Edition v1 #1) Pandora was then returned back to her home where she buried her slain tribesmen after which she wandered the world. During these years, she came to see the evils perpetrated by the Sins where she attempted to fight them time after time only to fail. (Pandora v1 #1)

The Circle of Eternity later sent the Phantom Stranger to recover the box from Pandora but she ignored his efforts with her being determined to remove the curse from her. (Justice League v2 #6)


Personality and attributes

The Seven Deadly Sins were known to refer to Pandora as 'Mother'. She came to reject this title and hated the beings with her seeing their destruction. (Pandora v1 #1)

Powers and abilities

Following the curse from the Circle of Eternity, Pandora was cursed as an immortal which meant that she could not die and lived agelessly. As a result, she could live across lifetimes with her not aging. Thirst, hunger nor sickness was capable of killing. Over the course of her immortal life, every language came to be known to her. (Pandora v1 #1)


  • Pandora was created by Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert where she made her first appearance in Flashpoint v1 #5 (October, 2011).

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