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The Paraelemental Planes are Inner Planes combining the elements of two Elemental Planes.

According to some rumors, the Paraelemental Planes were different in a distant era when the Elemental Planes were arranged differently. During that time, supposedly, Fire and Water combined to create a Paraelemental Plane of Steam (home to the wavefires) and Earth and Air combined to create a Paraelemental Plane of Dust.


List of Paraelemental Planes

Dark Sun

Initially, this world knew the same Paraelemental Planes, but they later changed to better fit the setting: Ooze became Silt, Ice became Rain and Smoke became Sun.


It was not specified what the other two original planes were in the era of Steam and Dust, but it can be presumed they were equivalents of either Smoke and Ooze or (more likely) Ice and Magma.

In the early days of Dungeons & Dragons, the "para-elemental" planes were different: Vapor instead of Ooze, Dust instead of Smoke and Heat instead of Magma. This had changed to the current outlook by late 1st Edition.

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