Patrick Brady

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Patrick Brady.

Patrick Brady was a security guard at the Raccoon City Zoo. He was on duty the night that the mutated William Birkin broke into the zoo and slaughtered all the animals, as well as Blanky and Steiner. Brady almost shared their fate, but Birkin was distracted by a scream in the distance (likely his daughter, Sherry) and left. But Brady wasn't out of the woods yet, as the dead zoo animals, infected by the G-Virus, came back to life as bloodthirsty monsters.

Thanks to a radio transmission from Leon Kennedy, Brady got the idea to overload the zoo's electrical grid and blow it up, hopefully taking the mutated animals along with it. After fighting his way to the utility shed, Brady succeeded in disabling the grid's safety override, and the resulting surge of energy blew up the entire zoo. Brady survived the explosion, but was killed by a lone mutant prairie dog shortly afterwards.

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