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Leon S. Kennedy, full name Leon Scott Kennedy, was an idealistic and inexperienced rookie RPD SWAT officer who came to Raccoon City for his first day on the job, only to find it overrun with zombies and other mutant horrors. After stopping to inspect a body in the middle of the road, Leon was attacked by a horde of zombies and then encountered Claire Redfield. Together, they got into an abandoned police car and planned to go straight to the Raccoon Police Dept., but an out-of-control fuel tanker driven by a zombie forced them to separate and get to the police station. Leon sought refuge in the Kendo Gun Shop and spoke to its owner, Robert Kendo, before he was killed by zombies, and then made his way to the police station where he encountered wounded officer Marvin Branagh.

After learning from Marvin the events leading up to Raccoon City's current state, Leon opted to search the rest of the police station for survivors. He found none (although Chief Brian Irons was in the building, he never made his presence known to Leon). Venturing into the basement car garage, Leon encountered a mysterious woman named Ada Wong, who claimed to be looking for her boyfriend John. He helped her locate Ben Bertolucci, who Ada claimed knew of John's whereabouts. Ben did not, but he did provide Leon with a way of getting into the sewers before he was attacked and killed by the mutated Dr. William Birkin.

Along with Ada, Leon made his way through the sewers and was shot in the shoulder by Anette Birkin, but managed to gather his strength enough to save Ada from a giant, mutant alligator that attacked her when she ran off after Annette. Ada patched up his bullet wounds, and together they continued on until they reached Umbrella's secret, underground research facility, where he learned of the G-Virus from discarded files and documents and faced Lickers, Ivies, a giant moth and many more attacks from the mutated Dr. Birkin, as well as zombies, zombies and more zombies. Eventually Leon got a sample of the G-Virus from Anette when Ada set the lab's self-destruct sequence into motion, but he angrily threw it away after Annette seemingly shot and killed Ada.

Alone, Leon faced one more attack with the mutant Birkin and finally killed him before boarding an escape train with Claire and Sherry Birkin. After escaping the city, Leon ended up being recruited by an anti-Umbrella faction of the government and has since been a major behind-the-scenes opponent of the sinister megacorporation and helped bring it down sometime in 2004.

In late 2004, Leon, still working for the US government, was assigned to protect Ashley Graham, the daughter of United States President Graham. When she was kidnapped by members of the Los Illuminados cult, Leon was sent to Spain to rescue her. Aside from two local police officers assigned to assist him by the Spanish government, Leon was alone against the cult and its leader, Osmund Saddler. Leon had no sooner set foot into a village controlled by the cult than his mission went south: the villagers, under the influence of both Saddler and the Las Plagas parasites, murdered Leon's police officer allies and captured him, allowing Saddler to implant him with a Las Plagas. In time, the parasite would turn Leon into a mindless slave of Saddler unless he removed it from his body.

Despite the fact that Saddler considered Leon a member of the cult now and instructed village chief Bitores Mendez not to harm Leon, Leon continued trying to find Ashley. He eventually found her locked up in the tower of the local church where the Los Illuminados met. Along the way, he encountered former policeman-turned-scientist Luis Sera and fought against not only the zealot villagers, but also a host of new monsters as well, including the behemoth lake monster Del Lago, the troll-like El Gigante, and finally Mendez himself, whose Las Plagas parasite allowed him to transform into a giant, centipede-like monster. After rescuing Ashley and discovering that she too was infected, Leon sought what he thought was the relative safety of a local citadel owned by Ramon Salazar, only to realize too late that Salazar was a member of Los Illuminados and a loyal servant of Saddler.

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The above bio only covers Leon Scenario A in Resident Evil 2. Information is needed for the Leon Scenario B. In Claire Scenario A, Leon plays a small part in Claire's final battle against the mutant Birkin, who returns for one final time before being blown to kingdom come.

In the comics, Leon's reasons for coming to Raccoon City are somewhat differant in that he was actually summoned there by S.T.A.R.S. and had a pretty good idea of what he was going to encounter. Later, his anti-Umbrella activities would take him to Saguaro Wells where he stopped the evil experiments of Dr. Callos.

Leon of the novels is more or less identical to Leon of the games

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