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Phillip Evans was the secretary of Mr. Prudent of the Weldon Institute in Philadelphia, and co-designer of the Go-Ahead. After they and other members of the Institute laughed at Robur's claims of inventing a heavier-than-air vessel, he and Prudent were abducted by Robur using his airship, the heavier-than-air Albatross. The two were held prisoner on board until they managed to sabotage and destroy the ship and escape. Later, while undertaking the maiden flight of the newly finished Go-Ahead, the two were attacked again by Robur, who had built a second Albatross. In the aerial confrontation which followed, the balloon of the Go-Ahead was burst, and Evans, Prudent and their pilot plunged towards the earth, but were rescued by Robur in the Albatross. The three men were deposited safely on the ground and told sternly mankind wasn't ready for flight.

Master of the World (1961 film)

Phillip Evans.

Phillip Evans was a Philadelphia-based businessman who worked with Prudent designing aircraft. He was also the fiance of his colleague's daughter, Dorothy Prudent. When the three along with John Strock found themselves the captives of Robur aboard the Albatross, Evans' desire to openly resist their captors clashed with Strock's more levelheaded plans of pretending to cooperate with Robur only to undermine him secretly. Evans saw this as cowardly and dishonorable. He also saw the intelligent Strock was a competitor for Dororthy's affections, and made at least one attempt to murder his rival for Prudent's daughter.

Nevertheless, after Strock saved Evans' life, Evans agreed to help him in his plan to stop Robur his way, and the two rigged the Albatross to blow up. As they were escaping by sliding down the airship's mooring line, though, Evans hung back and knocked Strock out, intending that his rival stay aboard and die with their enemies. However, Strock recovered and escaped. Despite this, Evans assisted Strock in dislodging the ship's anchor to send it uncontrollably adrift, even as they were shot at by Turner. Both men were wounded, but managed to get the anchor loosened, and sent the Albatross careening into the sea.

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