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A Prior is a genetically engineered Human that features in the Stargate universe.



Priors were created by the Ascended Ori to serve as their priests and enforcers on the corporeal plane in the Ori home galaxy.

After the discovery of Humans in the Milky Way that were shielded by the Alterrans, the Priors were dispatched by the Stargate in orde to convert the inhabitants to the Ori cause.


A Prior, also known as a Prior of the Ori, were evolved Humans created by the Ascended Ori to serve as their priests and enforcers.

Transformation into a Prior came through the power of the Ascended Ori themselves who through contact with them could be turned into these white skinned enhanced humans. (SG1: Origin)

Similar to other followers of Origin, the Priors were unaware that their masters the Ori did not ascend their followers. This was due their extreme devotion to the teachings of the Book of Origin that was so firmly rooted that they were unable to be convinced of truth which was difficult for them to accept. However, should a Prior be convinced of this truth or turn against the Ori then a physiological failsafe initiates where by they spontaneously combust if they betray their masters. (SG1: The Fourth Horseman, Part 2)

Through their staffs, all the Priors were connected to one another and shared knowledge with each other. (SG1: The Ark of Truth)


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