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A manifestation of an Ori on the corporeal plane.

The Ori are an elder race of energy beings that features in Stargate SG-1.



Early existence

The existence of the Ori and their history was known to date back to millions of years ago where they were the first evolution of the Human form in a distant far off galaxy. At that time, they lived together as a single unified society with the Alterans. However, a split occured between the two societies over the matter of Ascension with the Ancients adevoting themselves to scienec whilst their kin known as the Ori became more religious. This division erupted to the point where violence emerged with the Ori attempting to destroy the Ancients. As war was contrary to their beliefs, the smaller numbered Ancients decided to depart their home galaxy and left for a journey to the Milky Way galaxy. (Movie: Ark of Truth)

Despite abandoning their home, the enimity remained as the Ori sought to destroy their enemies. Doctor Daniel Jackson believed that the Ori may have been responsible for introducing a plague into te Milky Way galaxy that nearly brought about the extinction of the Ancients. Eventually, both factions achieved Ascension and abandoned their corporeal forms in favour of becoming a race of energy beings. However, where the Ancients decided to contemplate this new existence, the Ori decided to take a path to godhood. They created a second evolution of humankind in the galaxy which populated various worlds in their home galaxy. Establishing themselves as gods to these primitive humans, the Ori enforced a religion based around themselves. Initially, they had the best of intentions but the worship of the Ori by their Human followers began to empower as well as corrupt these ascended beings. Creating the religion known as Origin and a priesthood which enforced their will, they used their advanced knowledge of the universe as justification of their status as deities. (SG1 Episodes: Avalon, Origin, The Powers that Be)

The Reckoning



Though originally Human in appearance, the Ori themselves have long ago changed ascended into a higher plane of existence and have become beings of energy. As such, they are not present within the corporeal plane unless they manifest themselves. When they choose to do this, they appear in the Flames of Enlightenment as a wall of flame or as strands of fire in the air. They are also capable of forming a demonic looking face made of fire. When the Ori themselves wish to communicate with their followers; a member of their kind possesses the Doci who's eyes glow bright red and speaks in a echoing voice.Unlike the Alteras, the Ori had a religious view on Ascension and believed that they were gods and thus should be worshipped.

The Ori are capable of influencing the world around while within their ascended forms, this can be seen in their impregnation of Vala Mal Doran with a child. The full capabilties of the Ori are however not known or demonstrated due to the interference of the Ancients though presumably they are capable of the same abilities as the ascended Ancients.

Another appearance by the Ori can be seen in their creation of the Orici Adria who is the closest to the Ori themselves in the form of flesh and blood. Such a living corporeal vessels contained the knowledge of the Ori that is limited due to the constraints on the Human brain.

They inherited the home galaxy after chasing away the Altera after which they ascended. Lording over their realm, the Ori recreated Human life in the galaxy and taught their subjects that the Ori were their gods and creators. Some of their followers are evolved into a higher stage of Human evolution known as Priors who are led by the Doci. These psionic individuals command great power from telepathy to create bio-genetic plagues. They are also fiercly loyal to the Ori and ensure the masses submit to their rule.


Culture and Society




After discovering Human life within the Milky Way galaxy was shielded by the ascended Ancients, the Ori began the steps to form a mighty crusade to convert the Humans of that galaxy. This started with the creation of starships and training of large armies that would spread the word of Origin across the stars. To pave the way for this coming army, the Priors were dispatched through the Stargate to multiple worlds to convert the populations to Origin while resistance was ruthlessly destroyed.

The second stage involved in the Ori's crusade was the construction of a Supergate which would allow the transportation of starships into the Milky Way. This is largely believed to be because the Ori Home Galaxy is too far for intergalactic travel to be feasible in an invasion.


To aid in rapid deployment between galaxies, their technology allowed for a much larger version of a Stargate known as a Supergate which created a wormhole large enough for starships.


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