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The Queen of Fables in Justice League of America v5 #22.

The Queen of Fables is a female comic supervillain that features in DC Comics.




Long ago, she was a sorceress from another dimension whose great power held sway over the kingdom with her being corrupt. Through her various creatures, she held the villagers and people in fear until a conclave of sorcerers came together to cast a spell to banish her. Thus, the exiled witch was exiled causing her to land in the realm of Earth. Though banished, the queen came to establish a new reign of cruelty in her new home among the mortals with the common people being her playthings as she adopted many guises and had innocents tortured. Such was the case for decades with her terrorising the villages in Europe. In time, her greed and vanity caused her to marry a king who had a daughter named Snow White. The Queen grew to become jealous of his stepdaughter and commanded her Huntsmen to take her into the woods to have her killed. However, her servant spared the girl who later was rescued by a German prince with the pair marrying. Upon learning Snow White was alive, the Queen of Fables was furious and sought to bring all her forces against the German castle that Snow White had now called home. In the resultant war, thousands were killed with Snow White weeping for all the defenders that had fallen at the hands of the Queen's hordes. To stop her stepmother, she used an enchanted storybook known as the Book of Fables and cast a spell that trapped the Queen of Fables within it. In the aftermath, all the history from the Queen's reign was forgotten with her actions being considered fiction that were part of fables and legends. Thus, the Queen of Fables was banished once more and she remained trapped within the storybook for centuries. (JLA v1 #48)

Diana determined the only way to defeat the Queen was to deprive her of her power. To accomplish this, she thought to use her Lasso of Truth to strip away the stories and leave only fact which would have stripped her of her power. (JLA v1 #49)


Following the Flashpoint, a new version of reality was created with a different history of events. Tsaritsa was said to had been the first queen in the mortal realm where she had mankind worship her. During this era, her sister Freya was noted for her love and kindness with her seeing good within humanity. Her sister the primordial monarch rejected this notion as foolishness until the people rose against her tearing her away from Freya. Thus, she was turned into a story and fable causing her sisters heart to grew cold with her taking her own life in her loneliness. Thus, the Queen of Fables remained banished from the world and was referred to as the Might Beyond the Mirror where she sought her return and revenge against mankind. (Justice League of America v5 #22)

She approached Caitlin Snow and showed her a vision of the future where she as Killer Frost destroyed the world due to her powers. To prevent this fate, she offered to make Caitlin human again claiming that she wanted to prevent a tragedy that befell her sister Freya. As a result, Caitlin was returned to normal but the wish allowed Tsaritsa to appear in the mortal world leading her to battle the Justice League. In the fight, she convinced Snow to prevent her allies from stopping her with the Queen of Fables destroying the Secret Sanctuary. Upon conquering Happy Harbour, she had the Justice League in chains and imprisoned whilst she sought to create a threshold of thought that was to serve as a doorway into Immateria that was the realm of human imagination which she intended to conquer. (Justice League of America v5 #22) This saw her opening the gateway where she confronted that realm of imagination's guardian namely Promethea who decided to turn back as she could sense the reformed Justice League of America ready to confront the villainous queen. Despite their efforts, they were unable to defeat the Queen of Fables due to her great power. However, Caitlin Snow decided to turn against Tsaritsa after seeing that she was consumed by vengeance for humanity leading to her using her ice powers to freeze the Queen thus defeating her. (Justice League of America v5 #24)


Personality and attributes

Her cruelty was balanced out by the benevolence of her sister Freya who served as her advisor. Freya in turn loved her to the point that when Tsarista was banished that she turned to grief and froze her own soul leading to her eventual death. It resulted in the Queen of Fables swearing vengeance with her actions filled with rage over the death of her sister. (Justice League of America v5 #23)

Powers and abilities

As a fable, she was immortal allowing her to remain forever beautiful and the fairest of all. (JLA v1 #48)

Her strength lay in the power of imagination allowing her to draw upon any story. (JLA v1 #48) Belief was said to bring her power with her granting wishes to empower her but upon manifesting in the mortal world she only required them to fear her. (Justice League of America v5 #22)

She could manifest an army of followers that were drawn from legends and fables which included:

  • Woodsmen : appear as tall strong muscular man who sprung from her untarnished thigh to spread word of her Might and fortified her strength through fear spread among mortals. (Justice League of America v5 #22)


  • The Queen of Fables was created by Gail Simone, Bryan Hitch, and Mark Waid where she made her first appearance in JLA v1 #47 (November, 2000).

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