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Relic's Point is a location in Japan in the universe of Guyver.



The location was present at Mount Minikami and controlled by the Chronos Corporation after they discovered a fossilized Creator starship.


The Facility

The Relic

The Relic itself was a large spherical organic structure that was actually a fossilized Creator ship which lived beneath the earth for so long that mountains grew around it. After its discovery, it became subjected to intense levels of experimentations by the Chronos Corporation. It was believed that the ship was abandoned by the Creators when they left the Earth.

It resembled a red skinned sphere with four spiky fins extended from the bottom with another four at the bottom and a single spike stretching from the centre. They were capable of not only surviving space but travelling through it as they were organic vessels. The outer skin was strong enough to resist mechanical drills and organic acids with ease as well as regenerating from any damage sustained. Inside, the ship was covered with an organic solution that covered the various chambers. Enemies that forcibly penetrated the ship were subjected to powerful acids that devoured organic matter with death being certain for anyone who even survived escaping the ship.

The ship responded to the control medals of Guyver Units and allowed entry to such users without protest. When entering the bridge, a central platform levitated the Guyver which forced their control medal to extend and touch a spherical control medal like protrusion from the ship. This connected the Guyver Unit to the ship on a symbiotic level allowing the user to control the vessel; opening portals and commanding the very skin to attack enemies on the ships surface. The Relic ships were capable of diverting underground lava flows of long extinct volcanoes in order to use the geothermal energy to power its systems.

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