Chesterfield, Dargon

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An evil mastermind from an alternate Earth with a more advanced England, Dargon Chesterfield's only true foe in his home dimension was the being known as the Wanderer. To escape from it, Dargon and his followers left their Earth in 1976, knowing that as beings from another dimension, they were largely undetectable on another Earth. Unfortunately for Dargon, his heir- Jason- was not born until after arriving on SEMME's Earth, making him the same as the other natives of that world. In vengeance, Dargon kept the Power Booster Rod created to balance the mass exchange between dimensions- condemning his home universe and the Wanderer to imbalance and doom.

Dargon founded a secret criminal organization in England, creating a legion of "Britjas" and raising his son to take over after him. He also influenced the creation of SEMME, setting Linda Walkerton to take the fall for destroying the Martians and providing some of the organization's funding. However, Jason was not interested in being a criminal, and eventually ran off to America. Without his son, he made Penny Worthington his second-in-command.

In 2001, Dargon began taking measures to seize control of SEMME, gradually brainwashing Sal and recruiting a disgruntled Beef. Eventually, in 2003, Dargon sent Penny with an assault force, intending to seize SEMME by force. Penny failed, but before he learned that- knowing he would execute her- Penny assassinated Dargon, taking over his organization.

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