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Sara Grey is a female comic character that features in Marvel Comics.



Sara Grey was the daughter of Dr. John and his Elaine Grey as well as being the older sister of Jean Grey where she became a firm believer in the Mutant cause. Though not a mutant herself, she supported her sister and the X-Men with all her heart, and was often ridiculed by others for it. When Jean left for the Xavier Institute, Sara made a promise with her that if Jean would use her powers to help save people, Sara would love her no matter what had happened. While she supported mutants, she often worried what would happen if her own children, Joey and Gailyn to her husband Paul Bailey, became mutants. After Jean's death, Sara often visited her grave, and remembered the times they had. One such adventure took place in Atlantis, where Attuma kidnapped the two sisters and planned on marrying them. They escaped, and as Sara came back to her senses, her apprehension over her children vanished and she knew if her children were anything like Jean was, she'd be very proud.

After Jean's resurrection, Sara went missing. While most of the X-Men thought it was mutant-hating groups, it was really the Phalanx that had absorbed her into its system. She was later found by Banshee, but it was too late to save her. Her death was mourned by Jean Grey and her family for years. Her children were eventually killed by the Shi'ar Death Commandos who wished to prevent any resurgence of the universe-threatening entity known as the Phoenix.


Personality and attributes

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  • Sara Grey was created by Chris Claremont and John Byrne where she made her first appearance in X-Men v1 #136 (August, 1980).
  • A reference to Jean Grey having a sister was first mentioned in X-Men v1 #22 (July, 1966).
  • In an interview with Chris Claremont, he explained that Sara Grey was intended to replace Jean Grey after her death where it would reveal that she too was a Mutant that had the power to find and locate other Mutants as well as activate their abilities but this plotline was abandoned as it was decided to resurrect Jean Grey.

In other media


  • In X-Men, Sara Grey appeared in a non-voiced role in the 1990s animated television series where she appeared in the episode "The Dark Phoenix Saga (Part 4): The Fate of the Phoenix". She was shown alongside her father and mother as the worried about the state of Jean Grey after she became possessed by the Phoenix. Sara and her parents were being protected by Gambit and Professor X as the X-Men battled the Dark Phoenix with them watching helplessly as they were transported into space by the Shi'ar.
  • In X-Men: Evolution, Sara Grey made multiple appearances in the animated television series in a non-voiced role where she was shown in the episode "On Angel's Wings". She along with her parents had Christmas at the family home when Jean Grey came to visit them where they were shown buying a Christmas tree.


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