Sauron (Marvel Animated)

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Sauron feeds on mutant energy to transform him from Karl Lykos to Sauron. With a glance of his eyes, he can hypnotize a person and place them under his control. Sauron worked for Mister Sinister in the Savage Land and tried to control the mind of Professor Xavier while prisoner. After the X-Men defeated Mr. Sinister, Sauron saw no better opportunity to take over Savage Land.

Later, under the instruction of high priestess Zaladane, Sauron kidnaps Storm to the Savage Land to feed on her energy. Hypnotizing her, Sauron freed Storm from her mutant control, making devastating weather-based destruction across Savage Land. It was then when a being known as Garokk made his full appearance. Only Sauron could destroy him by absorbing his energy. However, it was too much energy, and a big explosion occured- returning Sauron to his human form. Living in the Savage Land, without any mutant around, he will no longer becomes the prehistoric monster he hates.

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