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Harry Scott (1925 - Age 77), full name Harrison Scott, was fascinated with science and science fiction from infancy. His dream as a teenager was to become a famous science-fiction writer. He also grew up with strong ideals, battling the Nazis in World War II, taking a stand against nuclear weapons (which alienated him from his father) and defending his father from accusations of being a communist. He married a fellow science-fiction fan, Grace, and they later had children and grandchildren.

By 1967, Harry rejoined the military to fight in Vietnam, eventually attaining the rank of lieutenant. He also participated in the letter-writing campaign to save Star Tec. By 1977, Harry and Grace had started a science-fiction memorabilia store, Hyperspace Heaven, which struggled until the release of Star Woes- after which, the many new science-fiction fans made the store profitable.

In 2000, Grace died, and Harry focused on leaving an inheritance for his grandchildren. To that end, he joined the Billberg Science Fiction Club in 2002, hoping to buy their signed copy of Issac Asimov's I, Robot to complete his signed Asimov collection. However, Rikk insisted that he remain in the club for the rest of the year in exchange for the book. Harry was pulled into the Billberg Club's battles against the General, defending freedom across multiple times, until he was captured by the General during her attack on the 1939 World Science Fiction Convention. He was rescued by Rikk, but he sunk into depression. It took Will to shake him out of the funk.

In the final battle against the General during the age of the Hittites, Harry sacrificed himself, setting his weapon on overload in a failed attempt to destroy her.

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