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Scree was a character that featured in the game Primal.


Scree was originally known as Abidzur, a loyal servant of the forces of Order. In his service of his lady, he led her forces against Abaddon in order to save two Human children stolen from the world of Mortalis. Arella's army was destroyed but Abidzur was successful in his task and retrieved the children whereupon he deposited them in their home realm in secret. Upon his return, however, he was captured by Abaddon's forces and given to the warlord Balahzur who tormented Abidzur in order to gain the location of the children. Despite agonizing torture, Abidzur never uttered a word on the location of the children. This continued for many years until Abidzur managed to project his essence into a stone gargoyle effigy near himself. The act made it appear as if he had died to his enemies which allowed Abidzur to return to Arella in his much diminished form.


Taking the name of Scree, he once again pledged himself to his lady and her cause in maintaining Order in the realms though many were not aware of the fact that the diminutive creature was once a great general. He continued his service to his Lady by going to the realm of Mortalis to discover the injured Jennifer Tate in the hospital. Freeing her soul from her body, Scree introduced himself to the Human and asked for her assistance. Though reluctant, Scree managed to convince her that by aiding him, she would also be able to find her lost boyfriend Lewis who had been captured by Balahzur. Travelling to the Nexus, Scree explained to Jen about the greater universe beyond Mortalis. He also gifted her with the vambraces though at the time he did not explain their purpose.


Scree was a loyal servant of Arella and served as her lieutenant against the forces of Chaos. Originally, a flesh and blood being, his new form was that of a small stone gargoyle.
Abidzur's original form.

The battles against Abaddon's forces made Scree sometimes consider the greater picture which on occasion made him willing to sacrifice the individual for the safety of the Realms. As such, this made it seem that Scree considered victory to be acceptable at any cost and was quite willing, sadly, to sacrifice a life. This often made him clash with Jen which frustrated him though he did consider Jennifer to be a good soul.

His stone effigy form is just a projection of his mind. This makes him receptive to other stone structure allowing him to transfer his essence to much larger statues but this requires the accumulation of much energy. Furthermore, his body served as a battery which Jennifer could use to replenish her health. To build up such an energy, Scree was required to siphon off the power from dead bodies, an act which Jen found to be quite morbid though Scree believed that she would not complain when it saved her life.

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