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Jennifer Tate is a female character that features in the video game Primal.



The Beginning

Jennifer Tate, also known as Jen, was born an orphan who never knew her parents as she grew up. She eventually met Lewis who became her boyfriend by the time she was a teenager and was working as a coffee shop waitress. After a music event, Lewis was attacked by a monstrous creature and taken away leaving behind a injured Jennifer. She awoke only to find her separated from her comatose body and approached by a small gargoyle. This being identified itself as Scree and that he was there to help her. He took her soul into the dimension of Oblivion where she learnt of the four demon worlds as well as the eternal war between the forces of Order and Chaos. Jen was recruited to help Scree in preventing the corrupting forces of Abbadon from destroying existence. While reluctant, Scree informed her that Abbadon's minions were responsible for the capture of Lewis after which Jennifer accepted her role in the coming battle.
Jennifer Tate.

Dark Solum

Going through a Rift Gate, the pair arrived on the demonic world of Solum which was inhabited by the Ferai warriors. There, she embarked on a quest to heal the lands by locating the Ferai High King Herne's son, Jared who was missing for many moons. The loss of the King's son meant that the throne could not be given to an heir as was required by tradition which left Ferai society in chaos. She went about with Scree to discover the fate of Jared who disappeared many moons ago and found a piece of his horn. Finding this discovery, Jen travelled to meet the High King again. Once there, she informed the King of what she had found and also discovered something different about her when she approached King Herne and became engulfed in demonic energy. She went through a painful transformation which turned her into a Ferai which symbolized to King Herne that Jen was Arella's champion.

Jennifer Tate in her Ferai form.
Now empowered, she was more capable of fighting enemies and continued her travels. She learnt that the sacred grounds of the Necropolis had activity in them which she investigated. It was there that she found the Ferai Queen Devena had sent her guards to watch over the area. Sneaking in, she discovered the captured bruised Prince Jard who informed Jennifer that his "mother" was an imposter that kept him chained and tortured for many days. He asked for Jen's assistance in finding the keys to another chamber in the Necropolis which Jared believed held his real mother. Jennifer then made her way to find the keys at the palace and along the way she was ambushed by Balahzur, a demon that served under Abbadon. It was only through Scree's possession of a statue of Abidzur was Jennifer able to survive.
Ferai Jen in combat.

Returning to Jared, the group then entered the chamber of the Prince's mother. Inside, they only found a dead body to which Scree suggested be burnt in order to break the imposters spell. As this happened, they confronted the imposter Devana who, under the guise of the Queen, ordered her guards to kill Jared, Jennifer and Scree. The trio fought bravely and managed to defeat some of the guards at which point King Herne arrived putting a stop to the battle. Seeing that his beloved wife was really dead and that he had been tricked by an imposter, Herne ordered the guards to detain the false Devana. Meeting his son, he declared that the time had come for the rite of succession. He said to his son that he and his mother will always be with him. At which point, Herne charged the imposter Devana and sent both of them falling off the castle; an act that killed them both and made Jared the king of the Ferai. With Order restored to Solum, Jen and Scree made their way to the Rift Gate to the Nexus but discovered Balahzur moving with a mysterious figure into the gateway. However, Scree was unable to identify his accomplice and Jen continued her journey to the Nexus.

Jennifer Tate with Scree.

As she entered the Nexus again, she confronted Scree and believed he was hiding something from her. At which point, a manifestation of Arella came before Jen in the form of a face made of butterflies. Jen stated that the war between Arella and Abaddon was not her concern and that she was only interested in finding Lewis and returning home. However, Arella stated that if Abaddon was successful then there would be no Mortalis for her to return to or not one that she would recognise. Arella stated that the balance between her and Abaddon needed to be maintained for life to exist and that her goal was the same as Jen. Reluctantly, Jen agreed that she was needed in saving the realms of Oblivion after which she travelled through a Rift Gate to the realm of Aquis.

Watery Aquis

She demonstrated that she enjoyed the beautiful environment more so then Solum. However, it quickly became apparent that the native Undine race were an aquatic people; which was a trouble for Jen as she could not swim. Scree was surprised by this as he believed all mortals were capable of such feats at which point an angry Jen stated that she was not even though parents did teach their children such skills. Scree apologized and showed that he had a lack of knowledge on this new realm and decided he would explore and return to Jen once his scouting was complete while Jen layed back to soak up the sunshine as well as relax.

She waited until Scree returned where he claimed that he had a gift for Jen. Flattered, she agreed to be surprised and closed her eyes at which point Scree placed a demonic essence of the Undine from Queen Aino in Jen's vambraces which began the painful transformation into a water based Undine form. However, this occured on the beach and meant she would have died from suffocation until Scree remembered that fact and urged Jen into the water. Angry, she showed a great deal of hostility to Scree which he heard due to the newly developed telepathy. Before anymore conversations occured, a device exposed Queen Aino's prison to the surface outside the water which meant she was dying through suffocation. Quickly acting, Jen and Scree managed to retract the machine as well as free the Queen. Grateful, Aino told Jen that she would never be able to adequately thank her while Jen was amazed at the sheer willpower the queen had to live.
Jennifer Tate in her Undine form.

While travelling underwater with Aino, they quickly discovered that a contagion had been introduced into the water purifying system that the Undine used to make their ocean realm habitable. Jen quickly decided that she would travel into the filtration machine and cleanse it. Aino opened the entryway for her and stayed back as it was too dangerous for her. Jen encountered numerous aggressive Undine guards while she activated the various cogs of the machine. In her journeys in the massive machine, she catches a glimpse of a mutated King Adaro who butchered the remains of an Undine. Later, she encounters Arturo; an Undine engineer who's comrades were killed by a terrible demon while he hid. Trapped in the silent turbines, he urges Jen to activate the machine to save his people though the act would kill Arturo in the process. Refusing, Jen decides to save the trapped engineer despite the protests from Scree who stated that he would sacrifice Arturo to save the Undine race. However, Jen stood her ground and embarked on an atempt to save the engineer.

Undine aspect fighting a guard.

Later, she travelled to the centre of the Undine machine which required a key to activate in order to begin the purification process. However, Jen quickly learnt that the key was in the hands of the mutated mad King Adaro who attacked her. Jen was victorious and used the key to begin the filtration though she was saddened to think that she might have been too late. Aino then contacted her telepathically stating that many of her people survived in secret lagoons wrought with perils but were not returning. Jen showed sadness for killing Aino's husband but the queen stated that he died long ago by the affliction. The queen also asked if Jen would visit the Undine again in the future to which a happy Jen replied that she would one day.

When she returned to the Nexus, she was met by another manifestation of Arella who informed her that her journey was not over. Jen argued that she had done her part and had sacrificed enough while Scree was willing to sacrifice an Undine for victory. Arella told Jen that she and Lewis were both hybrids; the only two in existence which had mortal and demon blood in them. Furthermore, Arella stated that the two were saved ages ago by Arella's army all of whom died except for Abidzur the general who hid the two children. On his return, he was captured by Abaddon's forces with Balazhur torturing him to give away the location of the children. Abidzur did not utter a word on the children even when faced by unspeakable torture. After many years, Abidzur projected his essence into a stone gargoyle making everyone except for Arella believe him to be dead. This became Scree to which a surprised Jennifer apologized to and accept her task even though she was scared. Jennifer then made way with Scree to the next realm.

Harsh Aetha

Jennifer Tate in Aetha.

Travelling through the Rift Gate, she arrived in the Chaos aligned realm of Aetha, home to the Wraith. Once there she journeyed to the peasent village of the Wraith where, in hiding, she witnessed the cruelty of the aristocracy who demanded worthy sacrifices from the lower classes. Sighting a hiding Wraith, both Jen and Scree attempted to make contact with the scared individual. While searching for him, they discovered a hidden passageway in a cellar's floor which hid dozens of Wraith peasantry at which point they encountered the fleeing helot who was angry at their interference as well as their disregard for secrecy that kept his people safe from the sacrifices that the aristocracy required. Jen attempted to apologize by the Wraith stated he would not hear the words of corruption to which a baffled Tate wondered if these were the good guys on Aetha. However, she listened to what the Wraith said and learnt that Aetha had in recent years taken on a series of blood sacrifices which involved a healthy peasant being taken by Count Ruam who gained vitality by sucking the blood from the victim. A horrified Jen compared this to the act of vampires. She also heard of how the Wraith Duke attempted to shelter his people but was unmasked and hanged for his treachery by the Count leaving him as a phantom that was denied the right of burial.

On her travels to the castle of the aristocracy, she encounters the spirit of the dead Duke who spectral bodyless form only cries out to be helped. Moving to the cemetary, she discovers writing near a casket which Scree translates to mean that the Duke requires his bones to be buried with his sword. Jen quickly deduces that the Duke's sword lies in the hands of Valeera, the captain of the guard of Count Ruam's forces. Tate decides that she needs to retrieve it and put the Duke's soul at piece; an act which will also provide her the Wraith demonic essence and given her a new form. The pair move then to retrieve the Duke's dead body that was hanging in a catch above the cemetary. Jen made her way to the top and dropped the cage which fell on Scree and cutting off one of his stone ears. While at first she found it amusing, Jen quickly apologized after seeing the outraged Scree. They then made their way to the grave where they lowered the cage. Jen pointed out that they required his sword as well though Scree stated that Wraith burial customs also required blessed water.

Jen suggested that they go to meet Old Pug Face, the Wraith from the cellar sheltering the peasants. They quickly explain the fact that they will be attempting to bury the Duke. Though reluctant to help outsiders, Old Pug Face agrees to help them after which he will go to offer himself as blood sacrifice though Jen states that this will not happen as she will ambush Valeera when she comes to collect him. Travelling to the well, Scree ends up going down to collect the water which is later blessed. After which, they move to the town square where Old Pug Face is tied up to draw Valeera out to collect the sacrifice. As Valeera approaches, Jen emerges stating "Not so fast, Xena!", ready to battle the Wraith. In her Ferai form, Jen manages to defeat the fast Wraith Captain but while she was busy in combat, two Wraith guards came and took Old Pug Face away. While not fond of the Wraith, Jen did feel bad on not fulfilling her promise. Taking the sword from Valeera's body, Jen decides to finish the burial in order to get her Wraith form in order to save Old Pug Face before the actual sacrifice takes place.

Wraith Aspect in battle.

Moving to the cemetary, she finishes the burial of the Duke which provides her the new Wraith essence giving her a new form. Immediately, she moves across the graves and destroys one of the tombstones to which an angry Scree tells her to show respect. He further states that the Wraith form should be used in emergencies only as it brings out the worst traits of her. They make their way to the aristocrat castle where Jen finds what Scree believed to be a torture room. Inside, they discovered that the occupants are a number of Wraith heads, both aristocrat and helot, kept alive through some means. One of the heads calls for the guards which Jen dispatches, the other heads thank her for killing the head torturer who cut the tongue off one of the heads. When Jen asks about the blood sacrifices, one of the heads informs her that Count Ruam has a machine in the chateau which drains helot blood and turns it into an elixir which keeps him alive. As such, as long as the machine works, the Count is unbeatable. Jen makes her way deeper into the castle after being thanked by the heads who argue amongst themselves. She also encounters a freed Wraith who assists her as the aristocrats killed his family though he abandons her once she goes deeper into the chateau.

Jen dressed as the Lady Natalia going to the Wraith dance.

Despite Screes warning on not being careless, Jen gets captured by Ruam's guards with the Count delighting in a new toy to play with which has a low pain threshold. The Count was also interested in the vambraces on her arms and took them off her after which he placed Jen within a cage where the slightest movement would cause the spikes to draw blood from her. She remained there until Scree managed to free her. The two then sought the way to opening a container that held the vambraces which was within Ruam's possession. It was then that Scree hatched a daring plan, Jen would disguise herself as a Wraith lady and dance with the Count providing a distraction to which she could snatch the key. Jen was somewhat against the plan but without any other alternative, she decided to dress herself for the role. Once there, she catches the eye of Count Ruam who dances with her which Jen uses as an opportunity to snatch the key and make an exit leaving the Count with his wife Empusa at the ball.

After taking the key to Scree, Jen changes back to her normal clothes and make their way to the machine where the vambraces are held. Putting them back on, Jen's ability to change to another aspect returns. She decides on destroying the blood machine that the Count has in place but has difficulty in getting passed the dark maze. A solution offers itself in the Count's daughter, Elizabeth who has a key. To convince the girl to provide the key, Jen reluctantly agrees to kill Elizabeth's mother and father along with Scree providing the young Wraith girl a dance. With the key in hand, Jen manages to make her way through the maze and into the stronghold where the machine is located where they find a captive Old Pug Face. They ask if there is a way of destroying the machine but the captive peasant Wraith hatches a different plan which is to poison the blood chalices to weaken the Count and Countess. Ordinary poison, however, would be useless as they are Wraith but Jen's corrupted hybrid blood would be enough to achieve that goal. Jen becomes quite reluctant but Scree says that he will ensure that Old Pug Face does not try to kill her. Once in place, the blood is taken from Jen yet Old Pug Face oes not stop forcing Scree to knock him out and stop the machine before it kills Jen.

Once she has recovered, she and Scree wait for the guard to collect the chalices filled with blood and give them to the Count as well as the Countess. Finishing their "drinks", they are confronted by Jen who mocks the Count stating that she was Natalia though the Count states he knew that. This brings about a fight between Empusa and Jen with Jen being the victor. Raum is shocked as he believed the blood machine would make her invulnerable to which Jen asks if its the scientist or husband crying. Raum gets his sword and battles Jen though Jen proves to be the victor again. A dying Raum shows confusion over dying to which Jen reveals that she poisoned the blood. Raum curses Jen for giving him a quick and painless death. Scree congratulates Jen and states that its time to go to which a tired Jen says that she wouldn't return to this world.

Fiery Volca

Returning to the Nexus, they discover that the realm has changed as a result of Arella's diminished powers allowing Abaddon to rule there which brings about a harsh desert storm. Separated from Scree, she rushes into Chronos's chamber where she encounters someone ripping the heart out of Chronos. Demanding that the creature show itself, she finds out that its none other then Lewis. Attempting to speak to him, Lewis pushes her away and never responds. When Jen asks if Lewis knows its her, Lewis simply lets loose a reddish cloud from his mouth which serves as a manifestation of Abaddon who informs Jen that he has won and that the hybrids have no place to call home. When Jen attempts to fight him, Abaddon asks why she challenges her creator and notes that Arella will be defeated. Abaddon then disappears leaving a demoralized Jen who finds Scree and states that Chaos had won. Scree, however, remains adamant and says tht that they have one last chance and invigors Jen by saying that they make the Lord of Chaos pay for what he did. Thus, they make their way to the Rift Gate and to the realm of Volca.

Jen in her Djinn Form.

Once arriving, she is briefed by Scree on his past with the realm and that it served as the heart to the Forces of Chaos. Furthermore, she learns of the native Djinn race. As they travel further into the kingdom, Jen and Scree enter a chamber where Jennifer lights a single lamp which accidently activates several more. There, they encounter a Djinn who angrily demands who has awakened him and that they had better not awakened King Iblis. Scree tells Jen that he will handle this and says that they are servants of Abaddon as the Djinn would kill any servant of Arella. The Djinn lord says that King Iblis has no love for the creatures of the Nexus which include Abaddon but notes that its not a wise mindset. He then suggestivetly remarks that if Scree and Jen can overthrow Iblis then he would be grateful. Noting Jen as a hybrid, he attempts to purchase her from Scree but Scree makes the excuse that Jen would make a poor servant as she was feeble minded as well as lame. Relenting, the Djinn lord decides against it but believe she will be of use after which he provides her with the Djinn aspect. Once done, he sends Jen and Scree on their way though Jen is somewhat insulted as the comments Scree made in attempting to dissuade the Djinn lord.


Appearances and attributes

In appearance, Jennifer was a white skinned Human female that wears blue trousers and a red top that exposes her shoulder as well as her back. She is a brunette with short hair which are tied to make two small ponytails at the back of her head.

Powers and abilities

After travelling to the Nexus, Scree gave her two gauntlets that became fused to her arms. These Vambraces channeled demonic energy and allowed Jennifer to naturally transform into a more powerful native demon form giving her increased abilities as well as strengths. In addition, her back had a tatoo that her boyfriend Lewis drew which symbolized her as being half demonic as well as being Arella's champion.
Jennifer Tate with an energy blade manifested on her left arm.

Once entering a realm, she requires a demonic essence being given to her which the vambraces channel allowing the transformation to take place. This is a painful process and something Jen is not keen in going through. Once complete, she adopts the characteristics of the natives of that realm while still retaining her Humanity. It should be stressed that Jen's personality traits changes somewhat depending on what form she takes. Her Undine form possesses no negative traits though her Ferai form makes her more aggressive while her Wraith form produces more ruthless characteristics.

Her Ferai form provides her a greater level of strength while her Undine form gives her the capacity to venture in water. The Wraith form provides a greater level of speed. Furthermore, she is capable of manifesting energy around her hands that can be used as a weapon. Her Ferai and Undine form has this energy form as blades around the hand which are used in combat. In her Wraith form, this energy manifests as a long whip on her right hand giving her an added range attack while the left hand has a short energy dagger. In the Djinn aspect, she is capable of forming long energy blades capable of making a sword with incredible power that can kill enemies easily.

Though typically she used her demoic forms in combat, certain occassions meant that she reverted back to her weaker Human form. In this state, she makes use of a Ferai knife gifted to her by High King Herne when he first encountered her.


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