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Tarn Vedra, homeworld of the Vedrans.

Tarn-Vedra is a planet that features in Andromeda.



Tarn-Vedra was the homeworld of the Vedran species and was located in the Andromeda Galaxy. (Website: All Systems University Vedran) In 112 BIE (Before Imperial Era), a team of scientists led by master sage Rochinda discovered Slipstream technology which was forseen as a method of bringing about an age of peaceful exploration and colonization of other planets. This allowed the Vedrans to leave their homeworld and travel to distant star systems through this new faster-than-light technology. As a result, this allowed General Huascar nax Yoweri to begin a campaign of conquest in the Six Galaxies which brought about the formation of the Vedran Empire. The planet eventually became the heart of the Systems Commonwealth when it was created in the Age of Reform. (Website: All Systems University Timeline) In this era, Tarn-Vedra became home to many other species besides Vedrans and included Humans with some being born on the planet such as Dylan Hunt. (Episode: It Makes a Lovely Light) The High Guard conducted any operation to extract Mobius's dictator Ferrin and remove him from the planet in order to conduct his trial at Tarn-Vedra. (Episode: Forced Perspective)

At some point, the Andromeda Ascendant was in port at Tarn-Vedra where she sat alongside the Lancer Corps troop transport known as the Clarion's Call. (Episode: The Knight, Death, and the Devil) During the Nietzscheans Uprising, Tarn-Vedra was mysteriously cut from the slipstream in CY 8784 which led to the Than-Thre-Kull homeworld of San-Ska-Re being made the provisional capital as a result. Ultimately, the Fall of the Commonwealth brought about the Long Night with all contact with Tarn-Vedra being lost. (Website: All Systems University Timeline) This effectively turned the once capital of the Commonwealth into a mythical world that was deemed almost an equivalent of Atlantis. (Episode: It Makes a Lovely Light) I, CY 9956, Hasturi, also known as the Mad Perseid claimed to had successfuly navigated to Tarn-Vedra and returned to the known space. However, his claim was quickly dismissed as the words of a raving madman who had spent too many years navigating through Slipstream. Following his death, the ship's log disappeared and was later presumed destroyed. (Website: All Systems University Timeline)

In CY 10087, the Nightsider Gerentex uncovered the location of Hasturi's asteroid lair which held the Diary of Hasturi which was said to contain the route to Tarn-Vedra. The Nightsider intended to use the information to pillage the long lost capital of the Commonwealth but the diary was taken by Seamus Harper and Trance Gemini of the Andromeda Ascendant. (Episode: Fear and Loathing in the Milky Way) Afterwards, Beka Valentine attempted to use the Andromeda Ascendant to use Hasturi's diary to travel to Tarn-Vedra after three hundred years since it was last sighted but failed due to the dangerous route involved. (Episode: It Makes a Lovely Light)


Located in the Paa Core of the Andromeda Galaxy, Tarn-Vedra measured around 11,930 in diameter with a water coverage of 64% and a temperate to subartic climate. Its surface contained coastal and mountain regions on the three major continents that were among the most heavily urbanized in known space. However, it also contained large swaths of prairie, tundra and savanna stretch that was uninterrupted for thousands of square miles. In the era of the Systems Commonwealth, the planet held a population of 14 billion with 92% being Vedrans whilst 5% being Perseids, 2% Humans and the remaining 1% being miscellaneous. Being the capital of the Commonwealth, it served as the headquarters for many of the governments administrative bodies such as the High Guard, All-Systems University and the Ministry of Public Affairs. The plains were locations where many Vedran clans, herds and nations held their festivals, ceremonies and mating games that were bound by untold millennia of collective culture as well as traditions. (Website: All Systems University Tarn-Vedra)

Notable locations on Tarn-Vedra included Astoshi-Tarn where a bronze statue of famous Vedran Supreme Commander Sani rax Rifati was located in order to commemorate the site where he lived, wrote, fought and died. (Episode: The Mathematics of Tears) Other sites included the Imperial Gardens and the city of Bishana-Tarn which included, in later years, a Human quarters. The architecture and the museusms were known to make travellers feel as if they were walking through 10,000 years of history. Another notable site was the Avarix Mountains that was the site of a ski resort with dinner being quite costly in the region. (Episode: It Makes a Lovely Light) There also existed the Imperial Muesum that was present on Tarn-Vedra. (Episode: Exit Strategies) During the Long Night, all slipstream routes to Tarn-Vedra were inaccessible thus preventing any access to the ancient world. (Episode: It Makes a Lovely Light)

Amongst the famous military memoirs was the Lancers of Tarn-Vedra which were equated with those of General Isk and Sun Tzu. (Episode: Star Crossed)


  • Tarn-Vedra appeared in the setting of Andromeda.
  • In The Art of Mass Effect: Andromeda, Tarn-Vedra was referenced as a placeholder for a planet in the Mass Effect universe where it was shown in early concept art as a hologram.


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