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The Terror was one of the oldest supervillains in the world in the worlds of The Tick.


The Terror.

The Terror burst upon the supervillain scene early in the summer of 1903, in a legendary fight with then-president Theodore Roosevelt. This began an unparalleled career of epic wrong-doings. Paris, Lima, Deertown, no corner of the Earth was safe from the Terror's reign of terror. In 1976, the Terror (still holding a grudge against T.R.) tried to punch out Mt. Rushmore.

In modern times, the Terror joined forces with the alien Tuun'La, his old friend Joseph Stalin (alias Stalingrad), the Man-Eating Cow, and, weighing in at 2000 pounds of pure evil, the Human Ton and his little friend Handy.

The Terror attempted to take over the city with his allies and succeeded in taking over City Hall, but was defeated by the Tick, Arthur and American Maid. Later, the Terror used his retired son Terry to discover the location of the DesiroVac in an attempt to destroy the Decency Squad, but was again foiled by the Tick and Arthur.


The Terror.

Ancient supervillain, reputed to be the worst of the worst back when he was a much younger man. The Tick, seeking an arch-enemy, called the Terror up from Arthur's apartment and tried to goad him into a battle. This worked all too well, as the Terror, insulted, used caller ID to trace the phone call back to the apartment and showed up looking to kill Tick and Arthur, with the Tick misinterpreting the Terror's ability to find them as being some sort of psychic power.

Being well over 100 years old however left the Terror both senile (as evidenced when he mistakenly threw a harmless gas bomb at the Tick and Arthur) and not very strong, and he soon collapsed from a heart attack. Tick, being Tick, took the Terror to the hospital where the villain was recharged by an injection of some sort of wonder-drug that gave him super-strength, and he endangered Batmanuel (on whom he intended to use "a chest-spreader and hydro-chloric acid" but eventually just put a scorpion on) and Metcalf before being stopped by both Tick and Arthur.


The live-action episode in which the Terror appeared, "The Terror," never aired but was included on the two-disc DVD set of the 9-episode Tick series.

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