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(1994 - ?) A clone of Goliath created by Dr. Anton Sevarius and programmed by David Xanatos with his own "unique slant on things". Thailog proved to be more devious and clever than his creators took him for, and he was able to manipulate Xanatos, Sevarius and Goliath to fall into his trap at the Black Rock Point Oil Rig. While they escaped his trap, Thailog escaped with $20 million of Xanatos's money.

Thailog traveled to Paris and created a lair in Notre Dame Cathedral and later met and became involved with Demona. During their tryst, the two formed Nightstone Unlimited, and Thailog attempted to eliminate both Demona and Macbeth into marrying and killing one another so he could legally collect their personal fortunes. The plot was foiled by Goliath, Elisa Maza and Angela, but he escaped with Demona at his side.

Thailog and Demona relocated Nightstone Unlimited to Manhattan and re-hired Sevarius in a plot to clone the Manhattan Clan. The plot succeeded, and Thailog created the Clone Clan, but behind Demona's back he created Delilah. Upon trapping the clan, he tested Demona's loyalty with Angela's life and when in his eyes she failed the test, he revealed to her the existence of Delilah. In the ensuing battle, the clones were defeated and Thailog and Demona vanished in a fire.

Greg Weisman's Master Plan

According to Greg Weisman, Thailog did survive the fire. "The Thailogs of this world always survive." Thailog would have returned to become the Manhattan Clan's main antagonist.

The Goliath Chronicles

In the Goliath Chronicles, Thailog was afflicted by a degenerative condition that also affected the Clone Clan. Thailog failed in his attempt to get an antidote for the condition from Dr. Sevarius, and turned to stone, apparently forever.

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