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Tony Zucco, firing on Batman.

Tony Zucco, the nephew of Arnold Stromwell, was a small-time thug who operated a protection racket. When the circus that the Flying Graysons belonged to refused to pay Zucco, he arranged the Graysons' death, leaving their son Dick- later to become Robin- an orphan. Both Batman and Robin made it their mission to bring him to justice. For years afterward, Zucco became quite paranoid, believing Batman was always after him, to the point that his fellow criminals began to question his sanity. Nine years after his murder of the Graysons, Batman and Robin eventually accomplished their goal and captured him.

At some point, he was involved with a waitress who became pregnant with his child. She gave birth to a daughter named Sonia Zucco that she raised herself with almost no contact with Tony. Sonia worked her way through school where she did well and when she was 24 years old began working in the banks where she had changed her name to Sonia Branch. (Detective Comics v1 #876)



  • Tony Zucco was created by Bob Kane, Bill Finger and Jerry Robinson where he made his first appearance in Detective Comics v1 #38 (April, 1940).

Alternate Versions

In other media


  • In Batman: The Animated Series, Tony Zucco appeared in the DC Animated Universe series in the episode "Robin's Reckoning" where he was voiced by actor Thomas F. Wilson.
  • In Titans, Antony Zucco appeared in the live-action television series where he was voiced by actor Richard Zeppier. He was a crime boss who worked for the Maroni family in Gotham City where he served as the head of the local branch. At some point, he was married and had a son named Nick Zucco alongside a daughter both of whom were later grown up. Zucco targeted Haly's Circus where he operated a racket and when they failed to pay him he killed the Flying Graysons leaving Dick Grayson an orphan. Whilst in prison, he offered to make a deal with the authorities to sell out the Maroni's in exchange for protection for himself and his family. During transport, the prison vehicle was attacked by Robin with Tony Zucco learning that the vigilante was actually Dick Grayson who was looking for revenge for his family. He ultimately decided not to kill Zucco but the Maroni family sent gunmen to kill Tony for betraying them with Robin not helping him as he was shot with acid bullets thus killing him. Afterwards, the deal he gave the authorities became null and void leading to police protection being taken from the Zucco family. This saw the Tony's wife, daughter and his son's fiancĂ©e being murdered. Nick Zucco survived but suffered horrific acid burns on the side of his face where he swore revenge against Dick Grayson who he deduced was Robin leading to him targeting members of Haly's Circus with the media referring to him as the Melting Man for his gruesome murders.


  • Detective Comics v1:

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