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The Tribbitites are an alien species that feature in Marvel Comics.



The Toad Men in Incredible Hulk v1 #2.

The Tribbitites, also known as the Toad Men, were an imperialistic race of short humanoid reptilian beings native to the planet Kroke in the Ouin system. As they developed, they were noted to had stolen much of their technology from other civilizations including the Kree and the Skrulls. Eventually, the Toad Men were noted to had stolen plans from their foes the accursed Kree and used them to construct a planetoid that became their homeworld of Toadworld. However, after it was built, the world required slave-labour in order to maintain its complex internal mechanisms with this being gathered from less aggressive worlds. (Incredible Hulk v1 #191)

At one point, the planet Earth became one of their empire's latest targets. In order to discern its technological capabilities, they dispatched magnetic devices that were tasked with seeking out and abducting the most brilliant mind on the planet. Their search led them to Doctor Robert Bruce Banner who they abducted with the Toad Men threatening him in order to relinquish his knowledge of his peoples technology. However, Banner refused and later transformed into the Hulk before any further interrogation could take place. The Hulk was responsible for disarming the Toad Men and taking control of their starship that was sent into Earth's atmosphere where it was shot down by the United States military. Several of the Tribbitites managed to escape capture where they sent a signal flare in order to alert the Toad King to mount a full-scale invasion of the planet. The Tribbitite invasion of the planet saw the Toad King utilize their magnetic technology to disrupt the orbit of Earth's moon which affected the planet itself. This saw the Earth being shaken with earthquakes and suffering the effects of gigantic tidal waves. During this time, Bruce Banner actually used his intellect in order to use a powerful Gamma Gun that reversed the magnetic polarity of the Toad Men armada which forced them back into outerspace. This thus ended the Toad Men's assault on the planet and departure of their fleet saw Earth's moon returning to its old orbit thus ending the disasters affecting the world. (Incredible Hulk v1 #2)

Their failed invasion was later used by the supervillain Mysterio as a part of a plan to capture She-Hulk. This involved hiring a family of British dwarves known as the Chutney Brothers who were dressed in rubber costumes similar to the Toad Men. They were used to bait Jennifer Walters by masquerading as being part of a new Tribbitite invasion force. However, She-Hulk managed to see through Mysterio's trap and unmasked the fake Toad Men but Walters was still captured by the supervillain. (Sensational She-Hulk v1 #2) The real Toad Men later managed to discover a possible link between the Shaper of Worlds and the Hulk. Thus, they proceeded to force the Hulk to act as their agent by threatening Jarella and Cracka-Jack Jackson. With his friends in harms way, they forced him into attacking the Shaper in order to bring the powerful entity to Toadworld where they intended to use him to serve them. The Shaper would be defeated by the Hulk and brought to the Tribbitite homeworld of Toadworld. Unknown to anyone, the Hulk's friends were actually projections made by the Shaper and his defeat made him too weak to maintain the apparitions causing them to disappear. With no fear to his friends, the Hulk went on a rampage where he began destroying critical equipment on the Toad Men homeworld and damaging its essential operation. This caused Toadworld to spiral from its orbit where it was sent flying into deep space. (Incredible Hulk v1 #191)

During this time, the Kree Empire was engaged in hostilities with the Tribbitite forces with Commander Tar-Vash engaging the Toad Men on the frontlines where a superweapon was aiding his attacks. On the Toad Men world of Trellnax-3, the Defender members Namor, Hulk and Doctor Strange masked themselves whilst trying to find the captured Silver Surfer. Entering a diner, the Hulk encountered some Toad Men which he attacked leading to his fellow Defenders supporting him until Strange stops the fight. They questioned the Tribbitites who inform them that the Silver Sufer had been captured by the Kree when the Herald had come to warn the Toad Men of an invasion. At this point, Tar-Vash attacked the scene with his fellow Kree and had support from Pacifier Units which saw the Toad Men fight alongside the Defenders. (Defenders v2 #8)

A group of Tribbitites came to be stranded on Weirdworld where they were one of the many factions that united under the leadership of the Black Knight Dane Whitman with them gathering to oppose the Avengers Unity Division. (Black Knight v4 #3)


In terms of appearance, the Toad Men were semi-humanoid reptilians that held a scaled orange skin and were on average 5' tall. Similar to their namesake, Tribbitites were able to extend a long stick tongue from their mouths which they sometimes used to consume flying insects for food. (Incredible Hulk v1 #191) A Tribbitites genitals were located in the knees with a hit there being quite painful to them. (Captain Marvel v3 #2)

They were known to abduct people who were taken as slaves who were then put to work as part of a dwindling labour force. (Incredible Hulk v1 #190)

In time, they formed the Great Toad Empire that was led by their King and Queen with the Tribbitites not bargaining with other races and simply taking what they had desired. (Incredible Hulk v1 #191) Their civilization maintained battle scrolls that spoke of legendary warriors encountered by their race. (Incredible Hulk v1 #191) Individual Tribbitites were willing to die if survivability of the entire Toad Empire was at stake. (Incredible Hulk v1 #190) A figure within their society that they swore on was the Great Horned Toad. (Incredible Hulk v1 #191) Other races tended to treat the Toad Men as second-class citizens of the galaxy and were spurned by the more superior civilizations. (Incredible Hulk v1 #191)

Much of their scientific base was actually stolen from other alien races including the Skrulls and the Kree. (Incredible Hulk v1 #191) They had a noted specialty in the use of magnetic energy and utilised a source of power beyond human comprehension. Magnetic grapplers could be used to lock onto target worlds and draw their vessels to it. Furthermore, they made use of magnetic mind-detectors allowing them to seek out individuals of note. The Toad Men could use their magnetic technology for grander feats on planetary scales such as using magnetic repulsion rays to make entire cities rise from a world's surface. Alternatively, they could use magnetic forces to empty a planet of its oceans or reverse it to root inhabitants to the ground with them being unable to move. An invasion feet of Toad Men vessels could use their combined magnetic force to move a moon from its orbit thus devastating the planet below it. However, this same technology proved to be a weakness as a properly calibrated and powerful gamma gun was able to reverse the magnetic field of their ships thus repelling them. (Incredible Hulk v1 #2)

Magnetic ray-guns were used to paralyse an individual allowing them to apprehend targets or send out magnetic flares to send signals to another of their kind. (Incredible Hulk v1 #2) A handheld weapon in their arsenal was the infra-ray that neutralised all internal motor responses thus leaving the target paralysed. Another armament were magnetroid guns that created magnified magnetic force which put a heavy force on a target thus weighing them down and making it impossible for them to move. Magnetic shackles were known to be used by them in order to secure prisoners. (Incredible Hulk v1 #190) The King of the Toad Men was noted to had utilised a Kree Mentrialator implanted in his crown as a weapon against his enemies and capable of killing them. They were known to have had access to Skrull Nulltron Bombs which they could re-adapt for various purposes. (Incredible Hulk v1 #191)

The Toad Empire possessed craft capable of interstellar travel allowing them to journey to other worlds. Among these included fully automated Toadcraft able to plot journeys without the need of a pilot. (Incredible Hulk v1 #191)

Their homeworld was the mechanised planet of Toadworld which was maintained by captured slaves that were used as labourers to maintain the planetoid's functions. One feature was Toadtower that was considered part of the holy city and home to the Palace Royal. (Incredible Hulk v1 #191)


  • Torrak : a male Toad Man Captain who commanded an invasion force to Earth to capture its greatest mind which they deemed to be Bruce Banner. (Incredible Hulk v1 #2)
  • Torkon II :
  • Queen Froja :
  • Amphos :
  • Bufo :
  • Gridney :
  • Grodnik :
  • Helkooky : (Captain Marvel v3 #2)
  • Toadius V :


  • The Toad Men were created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby where they made their first appearance in the Incredible Hulk v1 #2 (July, 1962).
  • In World War Hulk: Gamma Files v1 #1 (August, 2007), the reptilian Tribbitites were said to be originally from the planet Kroke but abandoned it for unrevealed reasons after which they created the artificial planet of Tribbit (Toadworld). Their invasion of Earth was masterminded by the Toad King Toadius V.

In other media

Toad Men from the Incredible Hulk.
Tribbitites in Agents of S.M.A.S.H.


  • They feature The Marvel Super Heroes cartoon series in The Incredible Hulk Episode "Terror of the Toadmen" where they refer to themselves as Toadmen that come from outside the galaxy. Their arrival on Earth was with the intention of finding the smartest Human who was Bruce Banner and learning his secrets after which they intended to invade the planet. The capture of Banner leads to his transformation into the Hulk whilst aboard the alien ship where he easily overpowers the Toadmen and traps them whilst he explores the ship.
  • In Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H., they make a brief appearance in the episode "Monsters No More". Its stated that they were a green skinned amphibious race of invading Toadmen that could extend their tongues which they used as a means to latch onto their foes or steal their weapons. They were highly advanced and able to construct space going vessels that served as waypoints for their armies as these craft contained teleporter technology that brought the alien invaders en masse to a target world. It was mentioned that their invasion strategy involved overwhelming their foes with numbers. One of their waypoint vessels arrived on Earth and began transporting their armies for the conquest of the planet when they encountered the Fantastic Four as well as S.M.A.S.H. The Tribbitites were ultimately defeated when the Hulk was launched into the waypoint vessel and destroyed it which sent the aliens back to their home territory.


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