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Tyrell Patrick was a member of the UBCS sent into Raccoon City by Umbrella. Tyrell was among those killed by the treacherous Nicholai Ginovaef. He was encountered in the Raccoon Hospital by fellow UBCS member Carlos Oliveira, and died shortly after their meeting.


Because several key events of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis depend on what the player does and in what order, some things may turn out differantly. Case in point, Tyrell could die by being blown up in one of two ways: If Carlos encountered Tyrell in the basement of the hospital, he attempted to open a safe which Nicholai rigged with a bomb and blew himself up that way; but if Carlos found him upstairs, Nicholai would have already shot him and Tyrell attempted to kill the traitor with a grenade, blowing himself up in the process.

Tyrell's name is given as Ken Franklin in Nemesis by S.D. Perry.

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