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General Tagge

General Ulric Tagge was one of many Imperial officers stationed aboard the first Death Star and a member of the House of Tagge. Tagge was the only one among them who truly believed that the plans stolen by the Rebellion might reveal an exploitable weakness. His warnings went unheeded by both Darth Vader and Grand Moff Tarkin, and the battle station was destroyed. Presumably, Tagge perished aboard the Death Star.

Expanded Universe

Whether or not Tagge survived the destruction of the Death Star is a matter for debate. Since Chief Bast, who tried to point out the danger to Tarkin also, is confirmed survived as of the Star Wars Holiday Special, it is reasonable to assume that Tagge escaped as well. In the Marvel Comics, Tagge did in fact survive, yet he is identified as dead in the many sources. Further adding to the confusion is the fact that recently it has been conjectured that General Tagge's first name is actually "Cassio," and that the Ulric Tagge of the Marvel Comics is another Tagge brother entirely. However, this has never been made clear.


Early screenplays of A New Hope swapped the names of Tagge and Admiral Motti with little rhyme or reason, leading to notable confusion. In the novelization of the film's conferance room scene, Motti is nowhere to be found so Tagge not only gets Motti's dialogue, but also gets choked by Darth Vader with the Force. The Marvel Comics adaptation of the film is even less clear, since Tagge in that version looks like Richard LeParmentier, who played Motti, and not Don Henderson, who played Tagge.

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