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Umbrella Sercurity Service is a Special force. The USS (Umbrella Security Service) was an Umbrella security force. As opposed to the UBCS, the USS were specially trained mercenaries with experience in infiltration, protection, and extraction, while UBCS were just criminals released to fight for Umbrella.

The USS report directly to the highest ranking officers in Umbrella. Unlike the UBCS, which performs more visible missions such as rescuing civilians, this unit maintains total secrecy and a small size.

The USS are trained at Rockfort Island.



USS agents are always depicted in solid-color gray fatigues, wearing protective vests and gas masks (except in Resident Evil: Apocalypse, where they are depicted in solid black fatigues, vests, and a type of enclosed helmet).


The standard weapon used by the USS in Resident Evil 2 is the Heckler & Koch MP5 Sub-Machine Gun. Although they have been known to use other weapons such as pistols, with HUNK having his own special handgun, which he nicknames Matilda.

In the latest trailer for Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, the USS standard MP5 is replaced with the Steyr TMP.

Also, judging by the inscription on the barrel of the Custom Magnum Parts found in Resident Evil 2, the USS's armory also contained some heavy, albeit impractical firepower; a 10-inch version of the IMI Desert Eagle semi-automatic magnum handgun chambered in .50 Action Express-- when or where it could have seen operative use is unknown.

Known Operatives

Alpha Team

  • Alpha team was a two-man cell sent to Raccoon City to take the G-virus out of Birkin's hands.
  • HUNK - leader of Alpha Team, the only survivor.
  • Unknown Operative - a USS operative responsible for shooting William Birkin.

Bravo Team

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