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An Uncreated in Excalibur v1 #90.

The Uncreated are an alien race that features in Marvel Comics.



The Uncreated were a humanoid species that were once known as the Works that were the products of an alien entity. This creature was believed to be their god and that they were created in its image. In their early existence, the Uncreated aspired to be good creations as they were secure in the knowledge that there was a superior being. However, this knowledge proved to be galling for the species as they believed whatever they achieved would be pointless as they were inferior creatures. This became too much for the Works who acted as one and scoured space in order to slay their god. They ultimately found the entity and proved themselves a superior race by exterminating it whereupon they took the name of the Uncreated. Afterwards, the Uncreated believed to expect some acknowledgement for their actions but only encountered other civilizations still worshipping a deity. This led to the species exterminating these alien races as they believed them to be inferior by still worshipping a god. (Excalibur v1 #90)

The UK based covert organization known as Black Air conducted experiments on the captured Uncreated in order to create anti-Mutant technology from their biology. (Excalibur v1 #90)

A single Uncreated had survived the mass suicide of his race and was captured by the Shi'ar after inflicting casualties on various members of their kind. This specimen was known as God-Killer and was locked away in the empire's prisons. After Vulcan took the throne, he sought to eliminate dissidents to his rule and desired to create a unit of various criminals in the Shi'ar Empire. Among them was God-Killer who along with his compatriots was dispatched to eliminate Lilandra. (X-Men: Kingbreaker v1 #2)


In the past, the Uncreated believed that they had killed a entity that had created their race and that this act proved that god was dead. Thus, this showed that god was dead and that they themselves were a superior form of life. As a result, they exterminated any civilization that believed in a god unless they recanted their religion and grew as a species. They reasoned that this was for the good of all as those chained to worship were an impediment to progress. (Excalibur v1 #90)

They made use of gene-specific attack swarmer that reacted to the presence of the X-Gene in Mutants and burnt out their target's brain cells. (Excalibur v1 #90)


  • God-Killer : among the last known survivors who attacked Chandilar where he was captured by after killing many Shi'ar but was freed under the reign of Emperor Vulcan who placed the Uncreated in his newly created Praetorian unit. (X-Men: Kingbreaker v1 #2)


  • The Uncreated were created by Warren Ellis and Carlos Pacheco where they made their first appearance in Excalibur v1 #89 (September, 1995).

In other media

Video games

  • In X-Men: Battle of the Atom, the Uncreated were referenced in the background of the character card God-Killer who was one of Shi'ar Emperor Vulcan's Praetorians in the iOS video card game.


  • Excalibur v1 #90:

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