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Emperor Vulcan in X-Men: Kingbreaker v1 #1.

Vulcan is a male comic supervillain that features in Marvel Comics.




Gabriel Summers in X-Men: Deadly Genesis v1 #5.

Gabriel Summers was the son of Christopher Summers and his wife Katherine Summers with him being the younger brother of Scott Summers and Alex Summers. His mother was actually two months pregnant with him when his family were kidnapped by the Shi'ar. Gabriel's father was taken to the slave-pens under the command of Emperor D'Ken with Christopher Summers believing that his other sons had died but was determined to save his unborn child. He failed to save his wife and in retribution D'Ken killed Katherine Summers before his fathers eyes with Christopher believing his unborn offspring had died. However, the child's near lifeless body was taken from the womb and taken to an incubation-accelerator with such a practice being common among the Shi'ar at the time. Within weeks, he was old enough for his new masters and immediately put to work. The Emperor's operative Davan Shakari had the need for many slaves and had used Gabriel as a servant. (X-Men: Deadly Genesis v1 #6) He remained unaware of his origin and his family except for the name Gabriel. (X-Men: Deadly Genesis v1 #5) As a slave, he lived as a servant among the Shi'ar but he met one of their people named Dai'andral who was kind to him and gave him a human book titled 'Mythology of Ancient Rome' that he read constantly as a child. One day, his Mutant power first manifested in an isolated alleyway when Dai'andral was present and he urged her to stay away only to accidently kill her with his abilities. With his powers, he turned against the Shi'ar and managed to use them to escape this life. (X-Men: Deadly Genesis v1 #4)

He later found himself on Earth in a forest where he kept the book on Roman mythology with him. For the next year, he lived in a sewer in New York City where he was discovered and tried very hard not to hurt people. After being found, he gave no information on his past except his name as being Gabriel. A month later, he first met Moira MacTaggert and he came to trust her. She in turn later took him to meet her first Professor Charles Xavier and came to know the X-Men. Around this time, he operated under the codename of Kid Vulcan and came to meet Cyclops. Whilst all the candidates were skilled, Xavier showed particular in Kid Vulcan than all the others combined. (X-Men: Deadly Genesis v1 #4)

Gabriel accompanied Professor Xavier and Dr. MacTaggert when they attempted to recruit Emma Frost when she was working at the Hellfire Club but he ultimately had to use his telepathy to wipe the memories of the event from everyone. (X-Men: Deadly Genesis v1 #5)

To save the X-Men, Xavier decided to use Vulcan and his compatriots to journey to rescue them. As time was of the essence, he put them through an experimental training program whereby he placed them in the mindscape to instil the necessary skills into their minds directly. The students were unaware of this mental training and believed that they had undergone actual physical training at the Institute. (X-Men: Deadly Genesis v1 #4)

Prior to the mission, Charles Xavier informed him of his family namely that Cyclops was his brother in order to show the importance of saving him from Krakoa. (X-Men: Deadly Genesis v1 #5)

The team battled Krakoa where Vulcan managed to hurt it to the point that it released the X-Men but it directed its attention to Gabriel's team. Its assault killed Sway where her death released her Mutant energy and Petra was similarly killed but not before she used her powers to create a pit to save her two remaining compatriots. Both Vulcan and Darwin were badly injured and trapped deep inside Krakoa when it was sent into orbit. There they remained for years and Darwin's ability to adapt had him absorb his dead comrades powers whereupon he merged with Vulcan to save him. As a result, Gabriel's powers were enhanced greatly as he remained trapped within Krakoa as it was dead in space. (X-Men: Deadly Genesis v1 #6)

Upon awakening, he went to the nearby shuttle and discovered the year to be 2001 with him expressing shock at how he had been left abandoned for so many years. (X-Men: Deadly Genesis v1 #1)

Emperor Vulcan

Going into space in Uncanny X-Men v1 #477.

Whilst on his ship, the Guardians of the Galaxy arrived looking to stop the continued war between the Shi'ar and the Kree. Adam Warlock teleported onto the Shi'ar flagship with Emperor Vulcan attacking the intruder with their conflict going into space. As a result of the attack, the Imperial Guard were deployed who moved in to protect their leader. (Guardians of the Galaxy v2 #14)

House of X

After the establishment of Krakoa, Mutants from around the Earth gathered to the living island that was to be their new homeland. Charles Xavier also established the Resurrection Protocols that allowed the return of many Mutants that had previously been killed. Among them was Vulcan who peacefully resided on Krakoa though was plagued with nightmares about his death in the site of the Fault. (X-Men v5 #8)


Personality and attributes

Though the younger Summers child, in appearance he only appeared to be a year younger than his older brother Alex Summers but this was due to him being accelerated in development by the Shi'ar's technology. (X-Men: Deadly Genesis v1 #6) He took the codename Kid Vulcan or Vulcan who was the Roman god of fire. A reason he chose the name was because when he was first found on Earth that the only thing he had on him was a book on the Mythology of Ancient Rome that looked like it had been read a hundred times. (X-Men: Deadly Genesis v1 #4) After a battle with the Imperial Guard, his eye was damaged and replaced with a synthetic with a scar around the area. (Uncanny X-Men v1 #480)

Xavier suspected that Kid Vulcan lived much of his life in fear with Moira believing that he had been hurt a lot. Upon becoming an X-Man, he showed no interest in talking about his past but rather focused more on learning his Mutant abilities. (X-Men: Deadly Genesis v1 #4)

Professor X felt that with proper control and training that Gabriel had the potential to join the X-Men. (X-Men: Deadly Genesis v1 #4)

Vulcan came to hate Xavier for abandoning him and lying to him with him seeking revenge against him. This went to the extent that he engaged in acts simply to hurt Professor X such as threatening to harm the X-Men. (X-Men: Deadly Genesis v1 #5) He was filled with hate that he had directed at a target that he believed was responsible for the tragedies in his life. (X-Men: Deadly Genesis v1 #6)

Powers and abilities

Originally, he was a Mutant energy manipulator who was noted for his great potential to the point that he could be among the strongest energy manipulators on Earth. (X-Men: Deadly Genesis v1 #4) His power was greatly enhanced after the death of his comrades when he absorbed their abilities after Darwin bonded with him. The Mutant energy released after M-Day was believed by Xavier to had been responsible for pushing Gabriel Summers passed Omega-level. (X-Men: Deadly Genesis v1 #6) Emma Frost through Cerebra when she initially detected him commented that he was at least Omega-level with his power level being off the charts. (X-Men: Deadly Genesis v1 #1) Rachel Grey stated that events had transformed him from an ordinary Mutant to one that was past Omega-level but initially he had not come to terms with his new power. (X-Men: Deadly Genesis v1 #4) At this point, Gabriel claimed that he was stronger than all the X-Men combined and Xavier believe he could kill them all without much effort. He was greatly weakened after Darwin's consciousness was removed from his body. (X-Men: Deadly Genesis v1 #6)

His powers were noted for being similar to his brothers. (X-Men: Deadly Genesis v1 #6) As an energy manipulator, he had the power to control energy and direct its flow. Early into his training, he had such fine control that he could redirect optical blasts. (X-Men: Deadly Genesis v1 #4) This power became more pronounced upon him becoming an Omega-level Mutant as he was shown to redirect an energy beam from Cyclops and send it back to him. He developed such fine control over his abilities that he could render a person unconscious by shutting down the current in a persons brain for a few seconds. (X-Men: Deadly Genesis v1 #1) Gabriel was able to use his power to also sift through the mind of others which he used to look for information or memories. (X-Men: Deadly Genesis v1 #3) He could generate energy based constructs allowing him to create chains around a person's neck that he could use to snap their head. (X-Men: Deadly Genesis v1 #5) Vulcan was capable of flight and had the ability to travel through space without the need for any equipment. (X-Men: Deadly Genesis v1 #6) By focusing his senses, he could use his powers to locate distant energy sources from starships. He could also transmit his voice as energy that went straight into communication devices allowing him to converse to others in the vacuum of space. (Uncanny X-Men v1 #477)

Vulcan was shown to be able to also control Mutant abilities as he was able to suppress Cyclop's power that meant he could use his eyes without projecting energy blasts and thus not use his visor. (X-Men: Deadly Genesis v1 #2)


  • Gabriel Summers Vulcan was created by Ed Brubaker and Trevor Hairsine where he made his first appearance in X-Men: Deadly Genesis v1 #1 (January, 2006).

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Video games

  • In Marvel: War of Heroes, Vulcan made an appearance as a playable card in the video game.
  • In X-Men: Battle of the Atom, Vulcan made an appearance in the background of a card in the iOS video card game.


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