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The United Planets is a government that features in DC Comics.




United Planets

Brainiac 5 was given a special project by the United Planets where he was tasked with creating a highly advanced artificial intelligence system. This became known as Computo but the machine went rogue and out of control where it along with its computeroids attempted to take over Earth. (Adventure Comics v1 #341)

With the President dead, the Vice-President took over and became the new head of the United Planets where as part of the conspiracy he released a bill that outlawed the Legion of Super-Heroes. This saw the young heroes being arrested by the Science Police on their return and sentenced to Takron-Galtos. (Adventure Comics v1 #359)

Post-Zero Hour

In the aftermath, the McCauley Administration went about rebuilding work in the post-Blight Crisis with this occurring over many worlds. (Legion Worlds v1 #1)

Among the threats impacted the U.P. was the artificial life known as Robotica with advance deep-core U.P Navy units battling the danger. (Legion Worlds v1 #1)


Following the Flashpoint, a new version of reality was created with a different history of events. It was said that the United Planet's foundation came in the 21st century when the truth about Krypton's destruction was revealed to the cosmos and the clandestine actions of the Circle were exposed. To prevent a future such tragedy, these worlds decided to cooperate with Jonathan Samuel Kent suggesting that they base it on the United Nations that existed on his homeworld of Earth. Thus, the United Planets was formed with many worlds and species deciding to work together for the common good. (Superman v5 #15)


It was said to hold a population of up to 300 billion citizens. (Adventure Comics v1 #366)

The United Planets celebrated its foundation with this event being known as Unity Day. (Superman v5 #15) A celebration established by the U.P. was Flash Day that was made in honor of the superhero known as the Flash. This saw the establishment of the Barry Allen Memorial Institute that took part in the celebrations and ceremonies. (Adventure Comics v1 #373)

Attached to the President's office was a team of superpowered operatives that made up the Presidential Oversight Watch. They were founded after the dissolution of the Legion of Super-Heroes to provide a group of post-human defenders who utilised them for key operations. (Legion Worlds v1 #1)

The U.P. made use of a telepathic means of interstellar communication in the wake of the Great Rift Crisis' with this being the Titanian Interstellar Telecommunication Access Network (TITANet). From Titan, the TITANnet-Hub utilised telepathic adepts of Grade 4 or higher working in shifts and using a telepathic booster at Titanopolis to transmit messages across great distances of space. Thus, it served as a communication exchange where messages could be received, sent and relayed with technology either being modified with psi-boosters or people making use of private adepts for telecommunion. (Legion Worlds v1 #3)

A development from McCauley Industries for the U.P. was the Footstep Drive that was a revolutionary new drive system that allowed for short dimensional hops between travel points. The technology was initially offered to the Science Police and the U.P. Forces Corps with plans for public use in the future. (Legion Worlds v1 #1)

Worlds within the United Planets included:

  • Takron-Galtos : a notable prison planetoid that was used to hold criminals and super-powered beings. (Adventure Comics v1 #359)


  • Winema Wazzo :
  • Kandro Boltax : male Vice-President who replaced the former President after he died where he introduced a bill that outlawed the Legion of Super-Heroes as part of a plot to destroy them. (Adventure Comics v1 #359)
  • Praetor Lemnos :


  • The United Planets was created by Jerry Siegel and Curt Swan where it made its first appearance in Adventure Comics v1 #340 (January, 1966).

Alternate Versions

In other media


  • In Legion of Super Heroes, the United Planets appeared in the setting of the animated television series.


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