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Oa is a planet that features in DC Comics.





During the Crisis of the Infinite Earths, a faction of the Guardians brought Guy Gardner to Oa to make him their Green Lantern and empowered his Power Battery with their own energy when the Central Power Batter was not operational. (Green Lantern v2 #195)

In an effort to stop Jordan, the Guardians decided to free Sinestro from the Central Power Battery and armed him with a Power Ring to defeat his former student. Thus, the pair battled on Oa where ultimately Hal Jordan killed Sinestro with the Korugarian's body left behind. He then proceeded to kill Kilowog and denied the Guardians as he claimed the power. The act caused the defeat of all the Guardian's except for Ganthet who became the last of their kind whilst Jordan attained the power of the green light as he became Parallax. (Green Lantern v3 #50)

During the Infinite Crisis, Superboy-Prime intended to smash through the planet Oa at the speed of light in order to initiate a new Big Bang to kill everyone whilst leaving himself the only survivor. The Corps confronted him in space where 32 of their number were slain by the mad Kryptonian. Superman and his Earth-1 counterpart managed to enter into the fight where they plunged Superboy-Prime through Krypton's red sun and to the surface of Mogo where the star had rid him of his protective armour. The three battled on the surface where Superboy-Prime fatally wounded the Earth-1 Superman thus killing him but had become exhausted in his fight leading to him collapsing. The Green Lantern Corps then encased him in a cell near a junior red Sun-Eater to deprive him of his powers whilst a detail of 50 Green Lanterns kept watch over him. (Infinite Crisis v1 #7)

War of Light

Oan Sciencells in Green Lantern Corps v2 #34.

In the aftermath, the Corps proceeded with rebuilding the planet and repairing the damage made by the Black Lanterns. (Green Lantern Corps v2 #48)

It was later attacked by Relic who had come as part of his quest to preserve the Emotional Spectrum by dismantling its use by the Lantern Corps. He dispatched his machines to drain the Central Power Battery of its energy and then destroyed it with the Green Lanterns unable to stop him. (Green Lantern v5 #24) This caused a chain reaction which ultimately destroyed the world though the Corps was able to activate their Escape Protocol that launched the Citadel into space as an escape craft whilst all the prisoners in the Sciencells were allowed to escape and many Green Lanterns managed to evacuate in time before the planetary cataclysm. (Green Lantern Corps v3 #24)

New Oa

The Guardian's then decided to rebuild the planet which they did so in secret and was overseen by Kada Sal until his death due to the secret machinations of Hank Henshaw. With the Cyborg Superman defeated, the Guardians decided to relocate to the rebuilt Oa in order to allow Mogo the chance to recover from the crisis. (Green Lanterns v1 #57) Thus, the Guardians created New Oa that became the Central Precinct of the Green Lantern Corps once more. (The Green Lantern v1 #1)


Located in the centre of the universe, it was noted for being a strange and unique planet. (DC Comics Presents v1 #60) Oa was a far-distant planet situated in the central galaxy of the universe. (Green Lantern v2 #1) It orbited the star called Sto-Oa which translated to mean "The Light of Oa". (Sandman: Endless Night v1 #1)

Metalline Oamite under constant pressure was nearly unbreakable. (Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn v1 #5)

The Central Power Battery in Green Lantern v2 #200.

The planet consisted of numerous locations which included:

  • Warriors : a bar and restaurant made by Guy Gardner. (Green Lantern Corps v2 #27)
  • Evidence Vault :
  • Foundry :
  • Hall of Great Service :
  • Hazard Simulation Facility :
  • Planetary Citadel :
  • Battery Park : a location situated on the planet. (JLA v1 #86)
  • Sciencells : these were prison cells that were sealed shut by green power and used to hold captives with them being deemed impossible to escape as long as energy was maintained to them. (Green Lantern v2 #195)
  • Subcells : these were solitary cells where the most dangerous prisoners of the Corps were kept sequestered from the general population in the Sciencells. (Green Lantern Corps v3 #11)
  • Crypts of the Green Lantern Corps : situated deep beneath the citadel that followed the old Maltusian burial customs of a single large crypt for all their heroes situated deep beneath the ground but close to the souls of the living so that they could commune with the dead. (Guy Gardner: Reborn v1 #3) Those whose remains were recovered where entombed in the glass coffins whereas others had graves that were empty due to their mortal forms being destroyed or lost. (Green Lantern v4 #12)

Most of the structures of Oa's surface were barely a million years old and thus recent construction. Ancient Oan architecture was said to be capable of withstanding far greater levels of damage and punishment. (Green Lantern Corps v2 #48) Beneath the central Citadel, there was a number of research tunnels situated underground that led out from that location. Within the tunnels were guide posts that indicated the destination to either the citadel or further deeper into the sand deserts on the planet with transportation cars available. (Green Lantern v2 #195)

Chief among the features on the planet was the Central Power Battery that were tapped into by Power Rings which served as a conduit to its main power. To help manage its functions, it was equipped with a form of artificial intelligence. (Green Lantern: Rebirth v1 #3) The Central Power Battery provided crucial life support to the planet. (The Flash v1 #221) After its installation on Oa, its infrastructure became embedded throughout the underground catacombs and reached to the core of the planet. (Green Lantern v5 #24) This great battery of power was attuned to the smaller Power Batteries used by the Green Lantern Corps to charge their Power Rings. It was capable of speech and able to inform others about dangers to its existence. Thus, the Prime Battery were able to notify others of any attempts to siphon its power. (DC Comics Presents v1 #60)

For a time, the world was protected by the battery shell that was a large power battery shaped construct that served as a armored defensive layer until its destruction. (Green Lantern Corps v1 #37)


  • Killalla : a female white haired inhabitant of Oa when it was a young world who had mastered the Glow where she encountered Dream of the Endless and became his lover. (Sandman: Endless Night v1 #1)


  • Oa was created by John Broome and Gil Kane where it made its first appearance in Green Lantern v2 #1 (August, 1960).

Alternate Versions

  • In the Amalgam universe, Oa was combined with Ego the Living Planet to create Oa the Living Planet.
  • In Star Trek/Green Lantern: Stranger Worlds v1 #4 (2017), an alternate version of Oa was shown in the cross over setting with it residing in the Star Trek universe. The Guardians in this universe were still young in their development with them having only recently imprisoned the Parallax fear entity and making use of Manhunters.
  • In Green Lantern: Blackstars v1 #1 (2019), an alternate reality was created by Controller Mu after using the Miracle Machine to alter history. The changed timeline saw Oa being a ruined world after the Guardians of the Universe sacrificed themselves to imprison the grand aristocracy of the planet Ysmault. The demonic Inversions remained trapped there until the Blackstars arrived under the command of Controller Mu who offered the entities membership into their organisation.

In other media


Oa in Green Lantern: The Animated Series.
  • In The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure, the planet Oa features in the Green Lantern segment in the animated series. It was said to reside in the center of the universe and was home to the mystic Guardians of the Universe. In "Evil is as Evil Does", the villainous Evil Star attacked it and managed to conquer he world until the arrival of Green Lantern Hal Jordan who defeated the supervillain and took him back to intergalactic prison.
  • In the DC Animated Universe, Oa made a number of appearances in the shared continuity setting.
    • In Superman: The Animated Series, Oa made a brief appearance in the episode "In Brightest Day". Superman was transported them briefly by the Guardians of the Universe where they explained the danger of Sinestro and asked him to protect Green Lantern Abin Sur's successor Kyle Rayner who gained the formers Power Ring.
    • In the animated Justice League series, Oa features in the episode "Blackest Night" when it was invaded by the Manhunters after they framed John Stewart for the destruction of a planet. They androids manage to overwhelm the defenses until the arrival of the Green Lantern Corps and Justice League. A single Manhunter manages to tap into the power of the Central Power Battery becoming all powerful until John Stewart drains the now energy based android into his Power Ring.
    • In Justice League Unlimited, the planet Oa was seemingly destroyed by the android AMAZO who had become a near omnipotent being. However, in reality, the robotic being simply teleported the entire world into another dimension as it was simply in his way during his return to Earth.
  • In Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Oa makes multiple appearances in several episodes. In "The Eyes of Despero!", the villainous Despero arrived on Oa where he tried to mind control the Green Lantern Corps but Hal Jordan sent his assembled compatriots along with the Guardians into his Power Ring that was dispatched to Batman. Batman later arrived on Oa to find the largely vacant world where he found Guy Gardner, Sinestro and G'Nort in a detention cell who he freed to get assistance in defeating Despero. It was later invaded by Reach Scarab warriors after Jamie Reyes was taken over by his Scarab leading to the defenses on the world being shut down. However, Reyes manages to make an accord with his Scarab and together with the Green Lanterns and Batman manage to stop the Reach invasion of the planet.
  • In Green Lantern: The Animated Series, Oa served as a setting within the cartoon show where it was home to the Guardians of the Universe and headquarters to their Green Lantern Corps.


  • In Green Lantern: First Flight, the planet Oa featured in the animated film as a world at the center of the universe that served as home to both the Guardians of the Universe and the Green Lantern Corps. It was shown as an red arid world with waterfalls with numerous large structures floating over the surface that were coated in yellow.
  • In Green Lantern, the planet Oa featured in the live action movie and served as part of the setting. Its appearance was that of a world with numerous points o green light shining into space from the surface. The planet's surface contained numerous large cities and skyscrapers that covered the environment with the Guardian's Citadel being the tallest structure. The Central Power Battery resided underground close to the world's center and was the origin point for the green light that shined in space and was also the spot of a large meeting chamber for the Green Lantern Corps. Hal Jordan visited Oa when he was selected by Abin Sur as his replacement where he arrives on the planet to undergo his training. The entirety of the Green Lantern Corps at this point assembled when they debated on how to handle the threat of Parallax.
  • In Justice League vs. the Fatal Five, the planet Oa appeared in the setting of the 2019 animated film. It was shown that after the defeat of the Emerald Empress and Validus that the Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st century imprisoned the two supervillains in the present where they were kept in secure Sciencells on Oa. Their fellow Fatal Five members came to learn of this and used a Time Sphere to travel into the past and free the two supervillains.

Video games

  • In Mortal Kombat vs. DC, Oa makes a minor appearance when the two universes slowly being merged to one another as a result of the actions of Dark Kahn. To find answers, Hal Jordan goes before the Guardians of the Universe on Oa where they inform him of the threat to all reality.
  • In Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters, it featured as part of the setting of the video game that served as a sequel to the live-action movie. Green Lantern Hal Jordan was on Oa alongside fellow Corps members Kilowog and Sinestro during the funeral of Abin Sur that was being organized by his son Amon Sur. At that point, Oa came under attack from the mechanical Manhunters where their siege was part of a ruse to enter into the Vaults underground to steal the Yellow Impurity as a power source as they sought to bring an end to the rule of the Guardians of the Universe.
  • In Injustice: Gods Among Us, the ending of the game showed Oa where the main universe Hal Jordan takes his depowered villainous One Earth Regime counterpart along with Sinestro to the Guardians following the defeat of High Councilor Superman.
  • In DC Comics Legends, Oa featured in the iOS video game and was several playable stages in the story mode. After the emergence of the Manhunters, Earths heroes sought answers where they first went to Oa to meet the Guardians of the Universe. Whilst there, they encountered locations such as the Foundry which was where the Manhunters were first created, the Memorial Hall where the dead were remembered, the Hall of Great Service where the Book of Oa resided and the Central Plaza..


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