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The Ritual Guardian, urZah

UrZah was the Mystic Ritual Guardian, and a close friend of Jen's master and lived in the Valley of the Mystics. His counterpart was the Skeksis High Priest.

When Jen's master died, urZah presided over his funeral, and then sent forth Jen on his quest. Sometime after, he heard the call of the Crystal, signifying that it was time to return to the Castle of the Crystal for the first time in a thousand years, to take part in the Great Conjunction. UrZah led the procession.

After several days of travelling and the death of the Alchemist, the Mystics finally arrived at the castle. After staring down the Garthim guards at the entrance, they entered, arriving in the Crystal Chamber just after Jen had healed the wounded Crystal. The Great Conjunction followed, and urZah combined with the High Priest to form the UrSkek ZokZah.

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